4 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Ties Your House Together


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No house is fully complete without a furnished and beautiful bathroom. Why is this? It can often seem as though the bathroom is one of the least important, and even least attractive houses to be in provided all of the essential ‘elements’ are there. We’re not here to judge you, but it’s unlikely you house banquests in your bathroom, nor invite guests to crack open a few bottles of wine while sitting on the bathtub together.

Yet a bathroom is perhaps one of the most important rooms in the house, and essential to invest in. If you’re allocating a budgetary and time investment as part of your renovation planning, we’d recommend placing your bathroom near the top of the list.

But why is that? Surely, if we’re not to entertain guests, we needn’t have to perfect this space as soon as possible? Yet the truth is perhaps more complex than this, as a bathroom’s condition has true knock-on consequences for the rest of your house and home. So, where do we begin? With the following worthwhile advice:


Of course, time in your bathroom is often spend on your own, and that can give us a very necessary break from the roles and responsibilities we must adopt and care for in our general life. This means that ensuring you can enjoy your time here, not only wish to get out of an unkempt environment, can be important. 

For this reason, it’s worth decorating this room to help you feel welcomed and comfortable within it. For instance, a nice larger mirror can help you with your morning grooming needs, but the trim of the frame, the beauty in the lights, how uniform and neat the shower unit seems, all of this can help you enjoy personal time that relaxes and delights you in this environment. Just be sure to use the best Bathroom Renovations Company to help you perfect this environment within your architectural limits. To us, that’s more than a positive approach to get right.


Don’t forget that your home is a beautiful and often necessary place to transform yourself into the person you really are each day, be that enjoying your makeup schedule, washing your hair, or simply applying your skincare with love and compassion. The more we can enjoy our morning grooming efforts in this light, the better, because this quite literally sets us up with potential and appreciation for the day ahead. To us, that’s a very important measure to get right and enjoy, as your morning schedule basically helps you ‘break the billiard balls’ of your morning in an organised fashion. Without self-care to start us off, we can find ourselves dragging or feeling a little out of sorts. The remedy is starting your day right in a beautifully designed home environment, conducive to self-care.


A bathroom is also a place of continual enjoyment and indulgence for the most part. This is not the only place in which you can shed your worries, but if carefully designed and if you ensure you invest wisely, you can have a great time here. For instance, purchasing a wonderful bath bomb and seeing it dissolve slowly in the water, releasing all kinds of fragrances and beautiful bubbles, can be a great experience after a long week.

Soaking in the bath and enjoying the calming comfort of this environment will help you relax and soak off all of your troubles, allowing you to dive into the weekend with care, positive intention, and positivity. To us, that has to be a net positive, and it also has to put a smile on your face. So, why not enjoy designing your bathroom right now, so you can make this, and experiences like it, a wonderful new possibility to enjoy?


Sure, a toilet may not be the most beautiful installation known to man, although we would be in trouble without it. Yet a bathroom can be beautiful if carefully arranged in the right way. Beautiful tiling, for instance, or nice lighting, or a means in which to ensure natural light comes into the room without circumventing your privacy (such as is afforded to us through wooden blinds), and the organisation in which you care for said environment, such as how you organise your towels, can all be important to help you feel safe and proud of this room. Additionally, the design of a bathroom is singularly unique, allowing the home renovator in you to have a great time.

With this advice, we hope your bathroom can routinely and continually tie your bathroom together in the best way.

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