4 Rihanna Outfit Ideas You Can Easily Recreate

Rihanna is making a comeback not only with her beautiful voice but with her fabulous style as well. In addition to her beautiful voice and style, Rihanna owns Savage, a lingerie brand that just released its 4th collection along with an exclusive Amazon Prime runway show. The Barbados native recently released a new single “Lift Me Up”, and although she just had a baby, fans can’t wait to take a look at what she and her stylist will come up with next. She always looks dazzling, but lucky for you her looks can be easily recreated with just a few staple pieces. We have gathered the top 3 looks that you can recreate with a little inspiration from Rihanna.


Denim on Denim Look

Rihanna’s stylist, Jahleel Weaver, is known for breaking the rules of fashion when working with Rihanna and bringing back some classic 90s looks. One of them is the unforgettable denim-on-denim look. Rihanna is no stranger to this look, and you don’t have to be either. If you are looking for a formal look, you can throw on a denim skirt and pair it with a denim button-up shirt. For the shoes, some nude colour heels will tie the outfit together in a classy manner. 


If you are looking for a more comfortable look, wear the denim button-up with some denim pants. For shoes, you can pair the outfit with your favourite sneakers, and you are ready to run errands for the day. 


Sporty Look

Rihanna can make any sporty outfit look sexy while also offering the comfort you look for when you throw on a pair of leggings. To recreate a sporty but sexy look, throw on a pair of leggings and a matching long-sleeve crop top. Pair it with some sneakers and you will have a sexy yet comfortable look that is sure to impress. If you are wanting to add a little flare to your outfit, throw a blazer over the top and add some heels to enhance the look. 


Dressy Look

To create a dressy outfit inspired by Rihanna, you can’t go wrong with an all-white everything outfit. Find a white strapless dress that is fitted to your body. Wear some white accessories including a necklace and bracelets, and don’t forget to find a matching white purse to go along with your look. Finally, tie the look together with some white heels and you are ready for a dressy event! 


Sexy and Pregnant

If you are pregnant but are still wanting to recreate a look inspired by Rihanna, don’t worry! She is definitely one who isn’t afraid to show off her baby bump. You can find a top that is sheer to showcase your baby bump. Pair it with some comfortable jeans and tie the look together with some sexy heels. 


Final Thoughts

Rihanna is a great inspiration for any woman due to her ability to pull off some amazing outfits and even bringing back some signature outfits from decades ago. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when trying something new! Remember to have fun recreating these looks and to feel confident as you sport your outfit inspired by Rihanna.

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