4 Simple Changes That Create A Healthier Home Environment

When you are trying to stay healthy, you probably think about things like what you’re eating or how much exercise you have.  But people tend to forget about two other things; the amount of rest that they’re having and their environment.  For me, if I’m not having enough rest, I’m so much more susceptible to picking up every cold and flu virus going and if my home isn’t clean and tidy not only does it impact my mental health as it stresses me out but it also can have an impact on my physical health so its important for me to maintain a healthy environment at home and keep germs at bay.  In todays post, I’m going to talk all about creating a healthy home environment from interior design to cleaning as when it comes to tackling germs and boosting how you feel, your home is always the best place to start because it’s the place where you spend most of your time, especially if you work from home too like I do, and of course its the area you have the most control over it.  I remember when I worked in a call centre and the keyboards and desks were filthy.  As soon as anyone got a cold it was as though it would go up into the aircon and everyone would end up poorly, coughing and spluttering over everything and it was so easy to pick up germs there.  Now that I’m at home, I focus on creating a healthy home environment as in all honesty, I can’t afford time off work due to illness as theres no one to pick up the work for me.

We all assume that our home is a healthy environment but that isn’t true all of the time.  There are potential health hazards that we are not even aware of, but if you make some simple changes, you can create a much better environment.  These are the easiest ways to make your home a healthy place to be. 


Vitamin D deficiency is so common these days because we simply don’t get enough exposure to the sun, especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere like I do.  If you get up in the morning, get in your car and drive to work, where you spend all day indoors, when are you ever getting any sunshine?  So many people live that kind of lifestyle, and it can have a big impact on your health and how you feel.  There are a few food sources of vitamin D so you could look to increase those but a lot of vitamin D comes from exposure to sunlight too and so its important to find ways to increase natural light in your home.  This could be through relocating small trees or bushes outside that may be blocking the light from the outside, and rearranging the furniture in a way that promotes a good flow of natural light through the house.  Something that I’m currently working on at the moment is adding some well placed mirrors in my home to reflect the light from one another as the hallway, stairs and landing in my home don’t have any natural light and neither do the bathrooms.  I really think that having more natural light in the home not only helps with vitamin D levels but I also think that it has a positive impact on how you feel in your mind too.  When my space is lighter and brighter, I certainly feel happier and have more get up and go.


Soft furnishings in your home, especially the carpets and rugs, soak up a lot of dust and bacteria.  Even if you clean regularly, your vacuum may not get all of it out.  That dust and bacteria can be released into the air when you walk over the carpets, and you breathe it in, so it’s important that you give carpets and rugs a deep clean every now and again.  You could call in professional carpet cleaners and take rugs to a company like Devine Rug Cleaning to make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned once a year.   Most people don’t realise just how dirty their carpets are because that dirt builds up over time, and they’re shocked when they give them a deep clean for the first time; I know I was when I moved into my flat and had the carpets cleaned!


Exposure to nature is so important for your overall well being.  Spending time outside and getting in touch with nature has a calming effect, which is important if you have a very stressful life as it helps you to feel grounded.  Its a great idea to spend some time creating a great outdoor space that you can use in the summer, but now that it’s getting cold, you could also bring nature into your home.  Simple things like adding more houseplants or trying to introduce natural materials like wood into your home can have a positive impact on your well being and happiness. 


Cleaning your home thoroughly is no doubt the best way to create a healthier home environment as it helps to get rid of germs and bacteria that can cause you to feel unwell.  Some cleaning products do contain harsh chemicals so its important to make sure that you’re using them in the way they’re intended, diluted according to the instructions if needed and of course, open a window when you clean so that you’re not breathing everything from the air in.  Leave it for a while afterwards to help to air the house out and stop those chemicals from hanging around if they’re in the air.  You could also consider switching your cleaning products to more natural alternatives.  There are some great eco-friendly cleaning products available that are made with all natural ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals.  You can also make your own cleaning products with simple ingredients like vinegar and baking powder, which is cheaper and better for your health.  I saw on Instagram how to clean using baking soda and a lemon and it was amazing the difference it made to the inside of an oven door!

One thing that I never go without though is my Dettol All-in-One antibacterial spray as it is brilliant for disinfecting door handles and high use areas like the toilet flush.  Plus it is amazing for cleaning mirrors too; the streak free shine it gives is UNREAL!

There are so many ways to improve the health of the environment that you live in.  I hope that some of these simple changes help you!

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