5 Fun Games to Include In Your Wedding Party

Wedding parties are usually filled with love and joy. Everyone is happy and feeling positive and ready to have a good time. 

If you are planning a wedding, you might be tempted to bring up some games for your guests. 

However, not all games are suited for wedding parties. Remember, people are there to have a good time, but there’s only so much they can do. They are probably wearing some of their best clothes and might not enjoy soiling or tearing them laying games. Also, there’s usually a wide range of people present.

Therefore, there needs to be a balance between fun and safe games. It helps to plan weddings with games that are neutral and fun for everyone. It also helps to play games that won’t require extensive instructions on how to play.

Below are 5 games you can play with your friends during a wedding party. 


How shaky or steady are you and your fiend’s hands? 

Find out by playing Jenga, a game that requires you to delicately stack blocks of wood on top of each other. 

If you have the time and would like to go big, consider playing life-sized Jenga. Unlike conventional Jenga that uses 1.5 cm × 2.5 cm × 7.5 cm or 0.59 in × 0.98 in × 2.95 in blocks, this one uses 2 by 4 ft beams and The whole stack comes to about 4 ft. 

Jenga is a fun and exciting game to play during your wedding party. It does not require any experience or extra physical exertion so it won’t put people out of their comfort zone. 

Ring Toss

Ring toss is a simple yet fun game to play as a group. It can be played both indoors and outdoors. All you need are different colored rings and 2 spikes. The spikes could be made out of anything, from wood to metal depending on what you have. The rings could be made of anything, including pieces of rope. 

The game can be played by two people or teams. Each team or player gets a color. The object of the game is to toss the rings at the opposite stake and see who earns the most points. Place the stakes 6 feet apart and let each player toss the ring in turns. 

Different points are awarded for each ringer, each ring that touches the stake and each ring that is 6” closer to the opposing stake. 

Corn Hole 

Test how good you and your friends are at aiming by playing a game of corn hole. The game does not require much and will guarantee endless fun. 

To play, you need two slanted boards with a hole on each one. The holes should be on the higher side of the slanted parts. You also need beanbags. 

The boards are placed 6 feet on the opposite side of each other. The objective of each player is to sink as many beanbags as possible to the opposite corn hole and earn points. 


If you and your friends don’t mind sweating a little, then badminton is the game to pay. 

Your friends can also play badminton without soiling their clothes. Unless, of course, they are extra competitive in which what’s a little dirt on the clothes as long as they are having fun? The game itself is fun to play and will keep them occupied when the caterers are taking their time. 

The Shoe Game

This is the absolute wedding game. To play, the bride and the groom sit with their backs against each other. They then take off one shoe each before exchanging them such that the groom has his bride’s shoe and the bride has her groom’s shoe. 

The emcee or whoever is hosting the wedding will then start asking questions that the couple should only answer by raising the shoe. The host will then ask questions such as● Who says I love you more?● Who approached who?● Who said I love you first?● Who is the better cook?● Who is better at organizing things?● Who is more punctual?● Who is funnier?

The shoe game will have everyone laughing at the answers provided by the couple based on how they view themselves and each other. 

Make Your Wedding Party Extra Fun

Weddings shouldn’t just be about looking beautiful, they should also be about sharing beautiful times with friends and family. 

Playing games during your wedding party is one way to get everyone involved, even those relatives from far away. Pick any of the mentioned games and make the most memorable moments in your wedding.

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