5 Great Uses for an Unused Garage

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Garage conversions are becoming more popular in the UK and are a great way to increase living space for smaller homes without moving. Santander suggests a garage conversion can cost around £5,000; however, this depends on your plans for the space and the fixtures and fittings used. Remember to check with your local council to see if you need planning permission before carrying out any work to avoid having to pay a fine or even undo all the work carried out if permission isn’t granted.

If you need the inspiration to take your garage from a dumping ground to a usable space at home, this post has some great ideas.

Storage Room

One of the most basic ways to put an unused garage to use is to store things in it. If you’re like most homeowners, you might have an excess of stuff in your home, garage included. When your garage isn’t in use, why not put it to good use by storing your extra things there? A garage is an excellent place for storing things like work equipment and maintenance tools, gardening supplies, sports equipment, seasonal decorations, and extra food storage. And if you have kids at home, a garage can also be a great place to store toys. Lay a durable garage carpet and install heavy-duty shelving, storage containers and even racks on the ceiling to maximise storage space, organise your garage, and free up space in your home.

Guest Room

An unused garage is a perfect place to add a guest room. Depending on the size and style of your garage, you can add windows and adjoining doors into your home and fully convert the space, making it a self-contained, insulated room your guests can access when they come to stay. You can even rent this out if you live close to popular attractions or a busy city centre for people visiting your local area for a few nights.

Home Office

With more people working from home in the UK than ever before; figures indicate over 1.7 million people now exclusively work from home; having an office space separate from your living space is something that can help you separate home and work life and allow you to work productively in peace in a particular area. If your garage has electricity and you can get a decent wifi connection in your garage, why not convert it into a self-contained office? Again, you would need working utilities, insulation, and heating for the chilly winter months, but this could be your ideal working space.

Game Room

The garage is a great place to host family-friendly get-togethers. You can transform your garage into a game room to create a fun space where friends and family can play board games and video games while enjoying some snacks and drinks. To transform your garage into a game room, you’ll need plenty of seating, a table and chairs, a TV or gaming console, and some games. Give the garage a lick of paint, add new flooring and add some accessories to complete the look. If you want to go all out, add a snack bar, a drink dispenser, and some décor to give the room an extra wow factor. Don’t forget to increase security options to ensure your garage is safe and secure for all your items at all times.


Many people prefer to exercise at home because it’s more convenient and less time-consuming than hitting the gym. But if you need a room in your home for a complete gym set-up, an unused garage is a great place to turn into a personal gym. You can transform your garage into a gym by installing a barbell, dumbbells, and other weight-lifting equipment. A treadmill or an exercise bike is a great way to exercise indoors when the weather is terrible. You can also install a pull-up bar, yoga mats, and other fitness accessories to create a well-rounded fitness space in your garage. And suppose you can access the internet in your garage. In that case, you can turn it into a fitness studio to carry out online classes or even use it as a personal training space if you are a qualified personal trainer or want to make this your new career!


The garage is essential to any home, but it can sometimes be intentional. From storage to guest rooms and even a gym, there are many ways to put an empty garage to good use. Consider these ideas if you’re wondering how best to utilise an open garage. And you may find that your unused garage is precisely what your home needs.

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