5 Hair Care Tips For Your Next Holiday

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Traveling is fun and every traveler cherishes the experience away from home. However, for us women, the excitement of summer days at the beach at the expense of our great locks may be meaningless. Being away from home gives your hair tough times, as you do not have access to your hair grooming tools and products. Besides, your schedule may not allow you to fix salon visits during the trip.

Fortunately, there are several resourceful sites like https://www.hairclippersclub.com/ where you can get hair care tips to keep your tresses healthy when traveling. While you cannot control the surroundings, you can do much to prevent hair damage. Below are the top 5 hair care tips for traveling women.


If you are to go for a trip, hair grooming is a process that should start way before the traveling day and continue during, as well as after the trip. For instance, you could try taking Kintsugi KeraNew capsules daily well ahead of your trip to nourish and support your hair, giving it all the nutrients that it needs to be thick, shiny, and healthy.




Keeping your hair natural a few weeks before the trip may help you on the road. Chemicals such as hair dye or heat styling methods can weaken your hair, making it more vulnerable to sun damage. You can also use products such as sun protective veils and masks to minimise sun damage.




You need to understand all your travel plans and experiment with a few hairstyles that suit your activities on the road. Certain hairstyles are ideal for a given routine when you have limited time and hair care tools. Try out different styles in advance and invest in accessories that will give you more styling options during travel. It is also a good idea to visit your profession hairdresser for styling a few days before the trip.




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The idea of carrying all the necessary hair grooming tools and products is impractical, but some tools are inevitably important. Below we have a checklist of the essential tools that you should carry with you:

  • Comb/ brush – It is advisable to comb and brush your hair regularly especially after washing to prevent matting and knots. This is more important for girls with curled hair, which is naturally dry.
  • A Quality Hair Product – Depending on the type of your locks, you should carry at least one quality hair product that will keep your hair healthy. A shampoo with light hydrating ingredients can be a good choice for women with fine and short hair. On the other hand, treatment/mask may be a great product for those with long and tangle-prone hair.
  • Gels and Liquid – You can use travel tubes or small plastic bottles to pack your essential hair products.
  • Styling accessories – You will also need accessories such as a headscarf, headband, caps or a hat to protect your hair.

Hair Grooming During the Trip




Many factors can damage your locks when traveling including salty beach water, city pollution, and dust among others. Here are a few things you can do to protect your hair.

  • Cover your head with a hat or headscarf. This will not only protect the hair against dirt and dust but also keep it moisturised and healthy even under the hot sun or pressurised air.
  • Avoid cheap and free products provided at your hotel/guest room. Most of these free/ cheap products contain harsh ingredients that can be harmful to your hair. However, some expensive hotels offer quality products, though it is still important to confirm the ingredients before using them. 
  • Wash and brush your hair as necessary. Depending on the surrounding and the type of hair, you should wash your hair at least once a week or in two weeks to remove product build-up, dust, sweet and other dirt. Another advice is to comb and brush your hair to detangle any mats and knots.
  • Coat your hair with oil when going to salty water. The chlorine in salty water can dry your hair out. To prevent this, you can cover your tresses with hair oil or leave in conditioner. Natural oils such as Coconut or Argan oils are the best as they are not harmful to marine life and provide nourishment for the hair.



Looking for a professional hair groomer can be hectic when traveling. However, if necessary you should:


  • Research for the best saloons near your destination before the traveling date. It may help to contact the salon to inquire about any unclear information about them.
  • Ask your hotel to recommend a salon for you. Some hotels have their own hairdressers who can offer the services in your room.

Wrapping Up

While keeping your hair safe and healthy is a hard thing to do on the road, the above 5 tips can work wonders to maintain your locks when going on a trip. 

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