5 Home Remedies for Puffy Under Eye Bags

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It’s understandable if you want to revitalise your looks by eliminating visible under eye bags. A person’s lifestyle and their habits often contribute to the reason they have swelling underneath their eyes. If you frequently wake up with puffy under eye bags, read the information below to learn about five simple home remedies.


When you don’t get enough sleep, you may wake up with bags underneath your eyes, so it’s important to get a full seven to nine hours of sleep every night. If you have a late night, use tea bags to reduce the puffiness. Tea contains an ingredient called tannin, and this astringent draws liquid out of the skin and helps combat inflammation. As the skin contracts, circulation improves and the pores tighten up. The caffeine in tea also helps to constrict the blood vessels and diminish the puffiness. Try this home remedy by soaking two tea bags in a cup of cold water and then squeezing out the excess liquid before placing them on your eyes. Keep the tea bags in place for 15 minutes and, if needed, repeat the process for an additional 15 minutes.


If you suffer from allergies, you may often wake up with puffy and swollen eyes due to the release of allergen-fighting histamines. You can help reduce your allergy related eye bags with egg whites. Separate an egg white from the yolk and use your fingers or a brush to rub the egg white underneath your eyes on the puffy part. Let the egg white dry and wash it off after 15 minutes. The egg white acts as an astringent as it reduces swelling by tightening and toning the skin underneath the eyes. You can also purchase products that tone the skin underneath your eyes, and you can read more at blog.reneerouleau.com.


Another reason you may have under eye bags when you wake up in the morning is because you’ve eaten too much salty food the night before. Sodium causes a person’s body to retain water, and this extra fluid often ends up underneath the eyes. You can reduce this fluid retention with the help from a cucumber. If you have a refrigerated cucumber, cut it into slices and place one slice over each eye. If the cucumber isn’t cold, cut two slices and then place them into the freezer for a few minutes before placing them on your eyes. A cucumber contains caffeic acid, flavonoids, and antioxidants that reduce swelling and irritation of the eyes. The high water content of cucumbers hydrate the delicate skin underneath the eyes.


The position you sleep in at night can also play a role in the puffiness of your eyes in the morning. If you sleep face down or on your side, it’s more likely that fluid will pool around your eyes and they’ll look swollen in the morning. If you sleep on your back, that can reduce some swelling underneath the eyes. If you wake up with bags, cut a couple slices from a potato and leave them on your eyes for about 15 minutes. This vegetable contains an enzyme called catechol oxidase, and it helps with the retention of water and dark circles that appear underneath the eyes.


If you don’t have any of the above foods in your house, you can always use cold teaspoons to avoid puffy eye bags. Chill the spoons in the refrigerator or place them in a bowl of ice cubes. When the spoons are cold, position the rounded part of the spoons over the eyes and hold them in place until the spoons are no longer cold. Repeat the process with two more cold spoons. The coldness of the spoons constricts the blood vessels in the area underneath the eyes and ramps up blood circulation to reduce puffiness.

These home remedies and tips can help you feel and look your best every day. If you wake up with eye bags, these simple home remedies will revitalize your eyes. Making lifestyle changes, such as getting enough rest and reducing salt intake, can also help to minimise puffy eyes.

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