5 Lifestyle Changes to Maintain Healthy Hair After a Transplant

Are you planning or have you recently undergone a hair transplant procedure in Turkey? Well, congratulations, you’re on your way to enhancing your overall appearance by getting a fuller head of hair.

But remember, your hair transplant journey doesn’t end here. To ensure the long-term success and health of your new hair, making a few changes in your day-to-day lifestyle is crucial. These changes will not only contribute to the growth and maintenance of the transplanted hair but also to the overall hair health.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of some lifestyle changes that will help you maintain healthy and fuller hair after a transplant. So, let’s get into it:

1. Be Gentle While Washing Your Hair

After a hair transplant, it is important to adopt a gentle hair care routine to avoid damage to your scalp and enjoy the benefits of the surgery.

For example, you must start washing your hair after three days of your hair transplant. After a hair transplant procedure, you should avoid using hair products which contain harmful parabens.

Instead, opt for products which provide essential nutrients to your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. You can also consult with your practitioner on which products are best for your hair after transplant.

While showering, change the temperature to warm and adjust the low strain of the water. Your grafts should not be exposed to the water with high force. While washing your hair, consider using a paper towel or kitchen towel. Know that a typical towel can pull your grafts harshly.

2. Follow Medication Instructions

Just after your hair transplant Turkey, your practitioner will suggest you follow some medications to ensure healthy hair growth.

For example, the practitioner will recommend you not scrub down for a couple of days. He/she will allow you to clean up after a few days using a delicate cleanser.

Additionally, you’ll be recommended to wash your hair cautiously applying a minimal measure of tension. It is important to be consistent with the medications to ensure the best possible outcomes for your hair transplant.

3. Ditch All Your Bad Habits

To say “Hi” to your newly transplanted hair, it’s important to say “Goodbye” to all your bad habits.

For example, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can have significant effects on your hair health. Know that smoking can cause scalp inflammation that leads to increased sensitivity around your hair transplant grafts and slows down the recovery process.

Alcohol consumption, on the other hand, can negatively impact blood circulation, lowering the chances of recovery and hair growth.

So, make sure to ditch these bad habits as soon as possible to generate positive outcomes from the surgery.

4. Avoid Sun Exposure

For the first two weeks after your hair transplant procedure, make sure to avoid stepping out in the sun between 10 am to 2 pm. This is because the sun’s rays are strongest during this time and it can wreak havoc on your hair health.

However, if going out is the only option, then make sure to wear a beanie. Your beanie should fit properly – it should be not too tight or too loose. Also, consider taking off your beanie for sometime to give your scalp a break.

If you’re going on vacation, make sure to wear sunscreen at all times and try to avoid scuba diving.

5. Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

If you’re more into eating junk and highly-processed food, then it’s time to stop.

Instead, eat healthy foods that are rich in essential nutrients like minerals and irons, which can work wonders for your hair’s health. It includes liver, red meat, dried apricots, chickpeas, etc.

Also, make sure to drink enough water to keep your scalp and hair follicles hydrated.

Wrapping Up

Making a few lifestyle changes is essential to promote healthy hair and long-lasting results of the procedure.

By incorporating these changes into your daily lifestyle, you can enjoy the long-lasting results and benefits of a successful hair transplant surgery.

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