5 Luxury Treatments For Dry Skin To Try This Winter

The cold dark days of winter play havoc with skin and mood, making it the ideal time to try a few luxury skin care treatments. Treating yourself has never made more sense with the double benefit of restoring skin moisture and lifting your mood. Forget about getting beach ready for summer; these are the best treatments to have hydrated and glowing skin all winter long.

Get A Massage

Relax and get all-over hydration by going for a full body massage. You’ll feel incredible and relaxed, with any tension rubbed right out of your muscles. And you get to take advantage of the secondary benefit of having all that oil rubbed into your skin – intensive moisturizing for your skin.Even problem areas like cracked heels show immediate relief with this wonderful treatment.


Used and revered for thousands of years, sandalwood is used in beauty products for a good reason. Not only does it have a warm spicy fragrance, but it has a slew of beneficial properties that make it ideal for use on the skin. Use sandalwood essential oil for skin in moisturizers and serums that rehydrate, reduce inflammation and fade blemishes. Your dry skin will feel fabulous with the inclusion of this wonder product into its care regime.

Professional Procedures

With lower UV levels, winter is the ideal time to consider getting professional procedures that you may shy away from during the summer. Treatments such as laser treatment and chemical peels leave the skin prone to UV damage days after. Undergoing such procedures when there’s less sun to contend with lets you enjoy the benefits of fresh, dewy skin without the pitfalls. Time your treatment for revealing the result during the festive season, or treat yourself in the long slog after the holidays for a pick-me-up.

Unwind In The Bath

Lying back in a luxurious bath is a terrific way to unwind from the day’s stress and get warm again. Not only that, but a bath’s also a fantastic way to treat your skin to some TLCwith the addition of bath oil. The oil will soak into your skin, leaving it feeling silky and hydrated. All you need to do is add a few drops to the water and enjoy your soak. 

Hydration Starts From The Inside

Drinking enough is the most important way to stay hydrated and protect skin against cold temperatures. If you’re struggling to get enough water during the day and find it a bit bland, add an elegant hint of taste with fruit or vegetables. Cucumber water is incredibly refreshing and has a delicate flavor that is pleasant to drink all day. Keep a jug of water in the fridge with a few slices of cucumber or your favorite fruit, and help yourself throughout the day.

You’ll banish dry skin and fight the winter blues by including a touch of luxury and self-care in your skincare routine. So, keep looking amazing with fancy water, rich sandalwood, and having a massage or facial treatment.

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