5 Reasons We Buy Things We Don’t Need

When was the last time you noticed all of the clutter in your house? Most people don’t notice it until it really does build up, which is why you should ensure that where possible, you have to make sure that you stop buying things that you really don’t need. Waste is a problem in this world, and you need to lower it as much as possible. Starting with saying no to the impulse buys on the end of the cash register is the first thing to do to lower the amount of stuff you’re buying.

It can also help you to understand just why you’re buying things that you don’t need. Instead of buying new software for your computer, for example, you could work on troubleshooting Monterey first and then see if you need to buy a new one. With this in mind, here are five reasons we keep buying things that we don’t need!

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  1. Who are you trying to impress? One of the most popular reasons that we buy the things that we don’t need is that we are too busy trying to impress others – others who really don’t need us buying new things! If you’re buying for others’ benefit, it’s time to reassess your life and ask yourself why you care what all of these people think. 
  2. You are just in that habit. A treat here, a treat there – you’re in the habit of buying new things for yourself all the time so why would you want to say no to more things? If you are someone who loves to window shop and that window shopping sometimes extends to buying, it’s time to catch yourself in the act and slow yourself down. 
  3. You’re not paying attention. The chances are that you already have everything that you are buying and you’re not thinking straight when you do buy at the register. You need to make sure that you’re not buying things you already have as it’s just wasteful and it’s contributing to the lack of sustainability in this world
  4. It makes you feel good. If you’re getting a sort of high from shopping, you need to have a chat with a health professional. Buying for an adrenaline lift is not a good thing and you need to decide whether you are dealing with some sort of depression that’s driven you this way.
  5. You’re improving yourself regardless of financial status. Sometimes, we buy because we believe that the things we own give us status. It’s not always the case and you need to think about whether what you buy is the right thing to buy when you buy it. You should always wait until you can afford something before you buy and that’s so important if you want to know that you are buying for the right reasons. 

Impulse shopping often leads us to buying things that we don’t need, and you have to address whether your need outweighs your want if you want to stop.

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