5 Things to Consider When Starting a Beauty Business

Starting any kind of business is an exciting adventure, but starting a beauty business gives you an excellent opportunity to expose the world to your passion, and potentially create a space to start new and glamorous trends.


Here are five things to consider when you’re starting up your business, whether you’re painting nails, styling hair or creating stunning makeovers.

  • Who Are Your Target Market?


Know your target market, and what they are hoping to get from your business. If you’re a high street branch, you might want to consider the age range of your target market, and whether digital marketing versus traditional is more advantageous to your business model – or even a combination of the two. 


Similarly, if you are set up in a predominantly student area, you might want to assess your pricing and offer discounts if appropriate.

  • Which services will you offer?


Services will most likely differ according to the market in your local area, so you may want to canvas opinions before settling with your exhaustive list of services. 


To achieve this, you could trial a series of services for a reduced price and offer an incentive like discount vouchers in exchange for participation in a short survey to hear thoughts on the customer’s experience.


You can use free websites like SurveyMonkey to create short electronic surveys that will store data anonymously under GDPR regulations.

  • Use Recruitment Technology for a Helping Hand


If you need to recruit extra employees as your business grows, you might want to consider using recruitment technology like Oleeo to help you find the best candidates to drive your business in the right direction.


Oleeo uses artificial intelligence and analytical reports to help you find the best candidates for the job without compromising on quality.


This leaves you free to establish your business without the hassle of going through piles of CVs – Oleeo handily keeps everything in one place, from candidate correspondence to CVs.

  • Consider Investing in Social Media


The beauty industry, along with food and drink, has a significant monopoly on the social media market. Videos of makeovers can become viral easily, and beauty products are highly coveted items, and susceptible to impulse purchasing.

By investing your time into creating social media content that is engaging, up to date and high quality, you will increase your reach towards more potential customers and create a higher number of followers, comments, likes and shares, which will boost your brand exposure further. Alwats remember that many tools are available to assist you in maintaining the high-quality content you need, including webp to jpg converter free to use to ensure your visual content remains accessible and appealing across various platforms.

  • Listen to Your Reviews

    Reviews are an excellent way to continually build your business to better heights by listening to customer feedback. 

    Websites like TripAdvisor or Google Reviews are often good places to assess your reviews, and reply to them. Taking criticism on board from reviews can help you understand what a customer is looking for from your business, whether it’s good value for money, and how to improve service.


    Do you have any tips for starting a beauty business? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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