5 Uncommon Causes of Weight Gain in Women

Weight gain usually occurs when people drink or eat more calories than can be burned through the everyday body and movement functions. However, certain cases could be due to underlying health conditions. For example, weight gains could also be due to abnormal growths, fluid retention, or constipation. 


Below are some uncommon causes of weight gain in women. 


● Stress

Being in daily or constant stress could increase your cortisol level, and through research, excess cortisol has been shown to lead to weight increase, especially in the abdomen and face. 


You can relieve stress by practicing yoga, taking frequent walks around your neighborhood, and using relaxing oils such as bergamot or lavender. You could also reach out to a trained therapist for support.

● Fibroid 

There is a correlation between fibroids and weight gain. And this correlation is quite simple; the bigger your fibroids, the more weight you gain. 


This is because fibroid directly impacts weight gain in your abdomen and can make your stomach appear full and larger. Since uterine fibroids cause weight gain, it isn’t easy to be diagnosed without the help of a doctor.


In addition, other fibroid systems could also affect your weight and lifestyle. For example, heavy bleeding, anemia, lower back pain, increased menstrual cramps, and pelvis pain could also lower your energy level and make it hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


With the direct relationship between weight gain and fibroid, you must seek the help of a fibroid specialist that could help alleviate this symptom.

● Medications

Certain medications can cause you to gain weight rapidly (several pounds a month) as a side effect. Such medications that can cause you to gain weight include drugs that treat high blood pressure, seizures, psychiatric and depression disorders, and diabetes mellitus. 


However, this should not stop you from taking your medications. Instead, it would be best to discuss the side effects with your doctor.

● Pregnancy

A common cause of unintentional weight gain in women is pregnancy. Many pregnant women sometimes intentionally eat more to support the development and growth of their baby. 


Also, during pregnancy, women usually put on weight as their baby grows. This extra weight usually consists of the amniotic fluid, baby placenta, enlarging uterus, and increased blood supply.

● Lack of Sleep

Another cause of weight sleep is insomnia. According to research, a lack of sleep might lead to weight gain. Sleep cycle changes usually affect mood and eating patterns. This can generally lead to overeating. 


In a study, researchers found out that sleep-deprived people ate more carbohydrates than their bodies needed to meet their energy needs. And this led to weight gain. The research also showed the participants consumed more calories after dinner.

Wrap Up 

Weight gain can occur due to several reasons. Many people usually progressively gain weight due to lifestyle changes and age. However, fast weight gain could result from an underlying condition that could include heart, thyroid, or kidney problems.


If you experience unexplained or rapid weight gain, you should book an appointment with your doctor to seek a solution to the cause and develop a treatment plan.

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