5 Valentine’s Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Although we all show how much we care for our partners, friends, family and other loved ones all year round, the perfect time to express affection more than ever is Valentine’s Day. Rather than splashing the cash on an expensive gift this year, why not devote your love and care into a homemade project? Homemade presents will always feel more special for the recipient due to the time and attention spent on creating it. Also it will be unique! What’s more romantic than a unique, thoughtful gift? We can’t think of anything more personal, and with great quality supplies at your disposal you’re sure to create the perfect pressie! We’ve put together this list of our five favourite homemade Valentine’s present ideas to get you started!


Valentine’s Day, for obvious reasons, is one of the most popular days of the year to give jewellery as a gift. It’s also one of the most popular days to propose! So we understand the pressure is on to choose a ring they’re going to love. But there’s actually no need to get yourself in a twist about this – an idea lots of potential fiancé’s are choosing is to buy a temporary engagement ring. This then allows the couple to choose a permanent ring together after the proposal. Here’s where your craft project comes into play! Make a temporary ring that fits in with the style of your recipient and they can wear it on their other hand after the engagement! Whether it’s a simple, delicate ring made out of gold wire or a ring with a big stone or pearl, this is sure to wow on February 14th!

Even if you’re not proposing, DIY jewellery is a fabulous present. Whether it’s a beautiful ring, a jewellery set, brooch, hair grip or clip it will be a certified Valentine’s gift winner.


Now you’ve made your jewellery you could add the finishing touch that will make this gift extra thoughtful. Why not make your own jewellery box? You could adorn it with paint, paper or gorgeous fabric in their favourite colours. Or to make it extra special you could print off your favourite pictures of the two of you together to cover it. Beautiful memories!


Create the perfect ambience for a relaxing Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Candles are a fabulous gift to give, and they’re even better if they’re homemade! Adding in aromatherapy or fragrance oils makes the candle an extra treat, and different scents have their own benefits. Lavender is fantastic for relieving stress, while peppermint is ideal for stimulating your mind and a lemon scent is energising. You can even decorate and personalise a jar for a fabulous finishing touch. Follow this super easy guide to making your own candles and impress your Valentine!


Branded perfume is an incredibly popular Valentine’s Day gift – why not mix things up a bit and create an exquisite unique scent to give as your gift? You can choose their favourite fragrances with essential oils (if you’ve made the previously mentioned candles, this could be a wonderful way to use the extra oils!), fresh flowers or even leaves or herbs. This step by step guide will make sure you’re an expert in perfume making in no time at all.


What could be a more romantic keepsake than a scrapbook or photo album filled with your memories together? Fill a book with travel tickets, receipts from special meals, tickets from concerts or cinema trips, letters or cards you’ve sent to one another, pages from your favourite books – whatever you have that means something to you both. Print photographs of you together and scatter them around and leave notes including memories and favourite song lyrics. A special idea with a romantic flourish!


Let’s finish on a really fun one! Get some great quality craft card and some supplies to make these homemade gift cards. Whether you want to use stencils or glitter with other embellishments, you can definitely play with this one! Reflect the dynamic of your relationship by choosing either a funny or romantic avenue with your coupons – an hour’s worth of cleaning or cooking a romantic meal – it’s your choice!

We hope these ideas have inspired you with your Valentine’s gift crafting – make one really special gift or become a homemade present making expert and combine a few for a 14th February to remember!

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