5 Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

Spring is the perfect season to give your home a deep clean (aka Hinch because let’s face it, who cleans nowadays?) and declutter (perhaps Marie Kondo style if you’ve read The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying like I have), getting rid of any excess junk you’ve accumulated over the past year or so.  For many, the kitchen is the heart of their home, where they spend quality family time and cook up many delicious meals.  We’ve been doing Goustobox as a family for the last couple of months now and I can honestly say that our kitchen has never felt so much love.  The meals we’re making are so delicious and its like we’re dining in a restaurant every night!

The kitchen is a space that should inspire your creativity and a cluttered worktop definitely won’t motivate you to reach for the cookbooks… or Gousto recipe cards if you’re in our apartment!  Whether you’re planning on having friends over for dinner, or you just want to create a clean-living space, having a spring declutter is the perfect starting point.

The minimalist trend is still extremely popular, and this can be easily applied to your kitchen with a few simple tricks and tips.  I love this style basically because its easy to clean and keep on top of!  You can get a glimpse of my kitchen in this post but for this particular one, I’ve chosen to use some imagery from my dream kitchen designs!  Hey, a girl can dream can’t she…?!

Achieving a minimalist space is down to a range of impressive organisation and storage hacks (as well as getting rid of the things that you don’t actually use or need!) and here are a few to get you on the way to a decluttered kitchen that you’ll enjoy spending time in.




If your worktop is overflowing, and you can’t find any spare room for your pots, pans, and appliances, then consider taking advantage of your wall space. Of course, you don’t want to create any additional messy spaces so try and keep any shelving organised! Rails are also a popular industrial-style addition to kitchen walls and can be used to hang your utensils in a stylish and minimalist fashion.




If you’re having a big de-clutter, but can’t bring yourself to permanently get rid of your possessions, then it’s a good idea to hire a self-storage unit. This means you can still hold onto your items and access them at any time without them clogging up your kitchen! If you upsize to a bigger home in the future, you can then take all of your belongings with you. It’s a simple solution that could transform your home and there are many self-storage centres across the UK.




Reach to the back of your cluttered cupboards and you might just discover a whole new world of items you’d forgotten about. If you’re holding onto multiple appliances that perform the same task, donate or recycle one of them to clear up valuable space. Nobody needs two electric whisks and you’ll be surprised by just how many items you don’t use that can also make their way to the charity box.



Instead of cupboards overflowing with numerous packets of rice, grains and pasta, instead, organise all of your staple foods into handy jars to keep your kitchen tidy. Mason jars make for great food storage solutions and you can use a piece of blackboard adhesive and a stick of chalk to label each one with their contents. Use these for your flour, sugar, pasta and any other staple items to keep a close eye on supplies, but also, to keep them all neatly organised.




It’s not just appliances and utensils that make a kitchen messy. If you’re struggling to see  the back of your cupboards then it’s time for a major food clear-out. Get rid of any foods past their sell-by dates and make these into compost. Check the fridge too and chuck out any suspicious looking sauces and jars that have been open for a little too long. You may also realise just how much food you waste, in which case, it’s also time to take a look at your weekly shopping bill and find ways to cut back and make the most of what you have already in the cupboards.

Take on these tips to declutter your kitchen and create a space you enjoy experimenting and cooking in!

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