5 Ways To Enhance Your Look

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The best thing about fashion and all things beauty is that the options are unlimited.  Everyday, you can let your creativity flow and express your personality through how you look.  Sometimes we can get a bit monotonous with our day-to-day appearance and there’s nothing wrong with that but for when you’re feeling stuck in a rut, perhaps try one of these five ways to enhance your look.

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Many of us will have likely got our ears pierced at some point, with the most common ear piercings positioned in the middle of the ear lobe.  However, if you want to bling out your ears a little more, then perhaps adding a few piercings to your ears will provide you with that opportunity.  There are a variety of different piercings that you can have on the ear, such as the tragus, conch and industrial piercings to name but a few.  For those not too familiar with this area of body modification, you can check out these 925 silver ear piercings which give you a variety of earrings and positions to choose from.

Ear piercings are more subtle but can also be pretty daring, depending on what piercings you go for.  Just make sure you go to a recommended piercing studio and be wise with the aftercare of your ears to make sure they avoid infection.  I personally have had my first holes and my cartilage pierced for many years now but I recently went to Blue Lotus Piercing in Newcastle city centre to have my second holes in my lobes pierced as well as my daith.  I was so impressed with the service there and although they’re certainly not the cheapest place in the North East to go to get pierced, they’re definitely the best from what I’ve experienced and read.  The choice of jewellery is the most varied of any other place I’ve seen and the hygiene standards are INSANE; like hospital clean.


Whatever your body shape, personal style, confidence and current wardrobe looks like, there is always  the opportunity to try something new.  Step out of your comfort zone and go shopping for an item that is different to what you would usually wear.  This shirt is a great example for me as the pattern is a lot more bold than I would usually go for and I love the result!

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Sometimes, falling out of a relationship isn’t the only excuse you can use for a fresh haircut.  Many people will stick with the same haircut, whereas you may be missing out on a cut that actually enhances and works better in shaping your facial features. If you’ve never been bold with your haircut, then maybe now is the time to do so. If it’s long, then try cutting more than the usual amount off. It’s good to know at least to some degree of what you want when you go to the hair salon, but the stylist might give you some suggestions. Don’t be afraid of colouring or highlights that could bring out your colouring.


It doesn’t have to be complicated but treating your skin with a beauty and skincare regime is really going to help protect and bring out the best in your appearance over time. As long as you’ve got a good moisturiser, ideally with an SPF to protect you from the sun, and a good night cream, that will be enough. Exfoliating regularly is useful to help give your skin the extra help of buffing away dead skin cells. Make sure you always remove your makeup too!


Confidence isn’t something you can necessarily buy, and without it, the makeup you might use or the clothes you wear won’t show off the full potential you have as an individual. Looks aren’t everything because confidence is a trait that can help you feel and look good, regardless of whether you’re in a bin bag or a designer gown. Confidence is about telling yourself that you’ve got this and that you can tackle anything that comes your way. For some, it comes naturally, but everyone can build their confidence.

Hopefully, these five ways to enhance your look so that you can show off your personality to the fullest.

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