5 Ways to Fight the Frost with Tubular Heaters

1. Tubular heaters are great for background heat

When the temperature dips low, it can be difficult to get out of bed in the mornings, but if you’re getting ready to leave the house, it isn’t always worth turning on the heating. This is where tubular heaters can come in handy for producing comfortable background heat.

You can turn them on at the wall as you need them or link them to a thermostat and programme them to come on ready to provide a comfortable atmosphere in the morning to help make escaping the bed covers that bit easier.

2. Battle against damp and mould

Damp and mould are particularly common during the winter months especially with people avoiding putting their heating on due to rising energy prices or those who have storage heaters that don’t reach all areas of their home. Damp and mould is common near windows, so some strategically placed tubular heaters can help to keep an ambient temperature, reduce condensation and prevent mould from forming. 

It’s important to stay on top of mould, not only can it look unsightly and damage your walls, it can also be a health hazard. 

3. Warm up the garden office

With more of us working from home following the pandemic, many homeowners have invested in garden offices to create a separate working space where they can concentrate and provide a divide between work and home. 

Outbuildings can get cold though, especially in the winter, so installing tubular heaters around them can help them remain a warm temperature and provide a comfortable environment for working in without having to wear multiple layers!

4. Protect your plants as we move into spring

Frost is expected in the winter months, but as we move into spring from March, it’s prime time for plants to flower and thrive once again. However, late frost can damage fruit, veg and herb harvests as well as beautiful plants so it could be worth investing in tubular heaters for your greenhouse to help protect it from frost. Tubular heaters can be used with a thermostat which can be programmed to turn on when the temperature reaches below a certain level. 

5. Keep pet kennels warm during those cold nights

If you have working dogs or another animal such as horses, alpacas, chickens, rabbits or Guinea pigs who have outside accommodation, it may worth investing in a tubular heater to keep them warm on especially cold nights. This will help provide a comfortable environment for them and ensure they can keep in the best health and are comfortable during the colder weather. Since the surface of your tubular heater can get as hot as 100 Degrees Celsius, we strongly advise installing a guard to prevent anyone from getting burned.

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