5 ways to find fulfilment in your career

Our careers take up so much time in our lives, and there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a job you hate. 

Unfortunately, switching up your career is a long and arduous process. You’d have to earn new qualifications, invest some extra time in CV writing to adjust your resume, and search for networking opportunities. Furthermore, many of us find we experience rough patches in our roles, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to leave – sometimes, we simply need to a new way to find passion in our workplaces.

If you want new ways to find fulfilment in your work life, these are just five tips to inspire your growth and set you on a new path, or rediscover inspiration in your current one. 

1. Make new friends 

Our social environment can have a huge environment on our wellbeing. 

And research by Comparably shows that those who feel isolated at work tend to be less engaged and less successful.

Fostering positive relationships at work can also make things more efficient, and it never hurts to have an ally in the office. Try your hand at making casual conversation, or suggesting office drinks after work one Friday with your team to get to know one another better. 

2. Ask for a change 

Trying new things is almost guaranteed to further your development at work. 

And employers are generally receptive to employees broadening their skills and introducing new elements to their role. 

If there’s something at work that is traditionally managed by someone else, but that you’d like to try, ask! Many people are glad to have someone else take tasks from their list, and it’ll add new skills to your CV. 

3. Branch out  

If your employer doesn’t give you the development opportunities you need, or you simply decide it’s time for a change, there are ways to continue your development whilst maintaining the stability of your current role. 

An online degree can teach you new skills and broaden your horizons, unlocking new opportunities in your career. Studying with ARU Distance Learning gives you access to a wide range of courses from Foundation level to undergraduate, allowing you to learn in your own time 

4. Set yourself realistic goals 

It’s hard to find fulfilment in an environment where the metrics of success have no clear definition and the goalposts keep moving. 

Unfortunately, many employers operate this way, without ever setting clear goals for their teams, or making those targets that little bit too hard to hit. 

If you’re struggling to have your success recognised, it may not be entirely your fault. Instead, set your own personal goals that will allow you to find fulfilment even if your superiors don’t see it. 

5. Bring ideas to the table 

One of the best things you can do to get noticed at work is to bring ideas to the table. 

Many of us are inclined to keep quiet out of a lack of confidence. But whether it’s introducing new work systems or encouraging more team activity, offering your ideas can help put your skills on the map and give you the satisfaction of becoming an integral part of your team. 

Want more fulfilment at work? We hope these five tips help you boost your career satisfaction.

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