5 Ways to Match Pearls with Your Outfits


Jewelry is something that can really lift an item of clothing and complement an outfit. Spring is almost here and it’s an excellent opportunity to update your wardrobe and your jewelry. Pearls never go out of style and it is a trending jewelry option that can complement your day-to-day looks, rather than saving them for special occasions.

Pearls are the most timeless and versatile piece of jewelry a woman can wear. You can rarely go wrong with them. They are classy, sophisticated, and refined.

Paired with simple, tasteful ensembles, pearl jewelry adds a perfect touch of elegance to more modern looks. In the article below, we take a look at some pearl outfit-matching ideas to enhance your overall look on any occasion.

Casual Outfits with Pearls

Once you’ve found the perfect pair of jeans, you’ll probably want to wear them often. To create a style that suits you, you may also need to buy the right accessories to go with your favorite jeans or dress. You might choose a “statement piece”; a more expensive accessory that gets to take center stage where the jeans or dress only become a second element. Or you might prefer more discreet jewelry like pearls, paired beautifully with a dress for warmer days making your outfit appealing.

A light colorful coverup dress makes the ultimate casual outfit that is both comfortable and practical. Along with a pair of heels or flats, you can also create a super-chic look that is the perfect blend of casual and dressy.

Although pearl jewelry is typically linked to formal and evening attire, you can add a nice touch of luxury to this casual look.  For a more relaxed, yet stylish look, choose dangling pearl earrings with a simple design. These earrings are great for a casual day at the park or a weekend outing.

Business Outfits with Pearls


Mixing different vibrant colors is somewhat of a challenge when trying to put together the perfect professional wardrobe for a day at the office. Many usually stick with the classic black-and-white combo as you can’t go wrong with this. It is timeless, and the ultimate color pairing. However, you can still rock your power suit in black and a crisp white button-down by adding nice accessories like a sleek gold watch, a nice handbag, or, even better, large statement pearls that scream poise and power.

If you want to demonstrate ultimate power status, choose a classic white pearl necklace made of South Sea gemstones whose glowing luster will captivate people around you.  

Daytime Chic

If you are going for a daytime chic outfit, a pink pearl necklace can do wonders for your look. Paired with tweed and a form-fitting sweater, the surprising shade of pink creates a preppy and proper look perfect for daytime activities.

If you are unsure of how to pull the look off, start your outfit with carefully curated color palettes. Choose pastels in soft blush hues and you can even add a silky touch into the equation and finish the look off with heels that might be intended for nighttime but can still be the ultimate option for dressier daytime engagements.

To keep up with the true preppy fashion trend, keep the pearl necklace at choker or princess lengths. You can also achieve a chic peppy look by opting for a palette of colors featuring white, navy, and plaid and take the outfit from minimalist or modern to preppy in an instant, while not overwhelming it.

Boho Chic Vibe


If you want to integrate pearl jewelry into your bohemian fashion style, you can adorn your neck with statement necklaces that feature pearls in different colors such as yellow, golden, pink, and purple. You should embrace color and pattern as they will convey joy and positive vibes.  

You can also make the outfit dressier by adding more pieces at different lengths for a layered necklace look that attracts visual interest but if you want to achieve a more relaxed bohemian style look, consider the beachy style and switch the pearl jewelry pieces and add leather pearl jewelry instead. A leather pearl choker necklace is also a great idea to pair with your beach coverup dress or other stylish beach attire.

Evening Attire

When it comes to evening attire, pearls know no limits. This is when pearls transform into the most elegant and discreet accessory. Along with a formal gown, pearls can achieve a very appealing and dominant effect. Tahitian Black Pearls in silver, copper, or green, for instance, worn along with the mini little black dress can deliver timeless elegance and a full glam look.

To pull off this evening glam outfit, make sure your dress has an uncomplicated neckline or one that is strapless and has princes or off-shoulder cuts so that the statement necklace or pair of earrings can shine and elevate your glow from every angle.  

Final Thoughts

Pearl jewelry has a versatile and timeless appeal, unlike any other jewelry in the world. Regardless of whether you choose simple pearl stud earrings, a bold statement pearl necklace, or a layered necklace with different colored pearls, you can elevate any type of outfit for any type of occasion.

From coverup dresses to jeans and couture evening gowns to professional power suits, there is nothing quite as eye-catching and beautiful like pearls to provide an instant touch of softness, elegance, and chicness.

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