6 Tips to Help You Pick the Right Blinds When Designing Your Bedroom

A majority of people are fans of natural light and opt to have the greatest possible amount of this illumination in their homes. There are many benefits of natural light, and energy efficiency and increased productivity are among the most popular ones. However, in some places, or to be specific, in some rooms, natural light may be quite disturbing. Yes, you are right. We are talking about your bedroom. But, this problem is not without a solution. Installing proper blinds will solve the problem in no time and will increase the value of your property. Since blinds are the investment itself, here are a couple of things to maximize your investment.

Start from the Top, Pick the Right Material 

One of the best properties when it comes to blinds is the whole variety of different materials you can use, so it can fit your space and enhance its aesthetic value as well. You should be insightful and evaluate what the best materials are for your space. For the areas that are usually exposed to high heat, you need to consider aluminum shutters, roman blinds, or even roller blinds. If you want to keep it on the safe side, then you should go with blinds made of reflective or white materials. On the other hand, in wet zones, or rather rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens, you should opt for roller blinds, vertical blinds, faux wood Venetians, and others that are supposed to resist moisture. 

You Should Think About the Style 

Since homes are meant to be comfort zones, we design them according to our personal preferences. It is not surprising that our homes have certain styles and aesthetic values as well. So, every room has its own theme or style, and you should make sure that all the details fit just right. Luckily, today, there are so many different blinds that can fit the theme and atmosphere of your home. However, you should prioritize the effectiveness and functionality of the blinds in the first place. 

Light and Privacy 

As we have already mentioned, with the proper blinds, you will be in control of the amount of light penetrating your space. However, do not forget one of the most important details about these blinds, and that is privacy. If your home is near the street, you will probably at some point notice a curious peek into your household, and let’s be honest, these can be quite disturbing. Just as the folks at Oakhurst Blinds offer numerous types of blinds, you will notice that all of them have a complete blockage that can ensure you both darkness when you need it and highly valued privacy. So, when you are looking for the ones offering you the most privacy, you should go with the timber shutters or Venetian blinds that will fully block the light and keep all of the prying eyes out. 


Every housewife will consider this factor. Cleaning is an immensely important characteristic when it comes to blinds. Given the fact that these may accumulate huge amounts of dust and other particles, it is essential to give them a good wipe from time to time. Some sensitive fabrics are more suitable for professional cleaning, while, on the other hand, some do not demand so much attention. If you are concerned that you will need to call in professional cleaners whenever you want to clean your home just because of the blinds, worry not. You should choose the ones that can be easily cleaned on your own. 

You Need to Take Care of the Safety of Your Loved Ones 

If you have kids and pets, you should be careful about the choices you make. It would be best to get the blinds without any dangling cords or rails that could be potentially hazardous. Luckily, all the technological improvements in this industry have ensured the blinds are completely safe for all family members. Yet, you should bear this in mind in case some design appears appealing. 

Consider Your Window and Furniture

The function of the windows can be a very important factor when you decide to get the coverings for them. There are different blinds that take care of your window’s functionality, and depending on the furniture that surrounds your windows, you should opt for the blinds that are integrated above your window. These are just some of the factors that can influence your final choice. 

Window blinds are a necessity nowadays because of the wide scope of purposes they have. Not only can they help you control the amount of light penetrating your space, but they will also keep the privacy of your family away from prying eyes.

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