6 Ways to Make Your House More Stylish

You don’t need to spend a huge amount in order to inject a little bit of style into your interior. Just a small investment in a few choice flourishes might make all the difference. Let’s take a look at six of the best of them.

Fresh flowers

This is more of a habit than a single investment. Keeping fresh flowers in your home will make the place look and smell that bit more inviting. You might look into buying a vase or two for key locations, and heading into the florist every week or so in search of new flowers.


A splash of colour can help to add visual interest to an otherwise drab room. While it’s safer to go with a more neutral, pastel-shaded colour scheme, having an accent wall or two can provide something extra. Different rooms demand different colours, and different kinds of paint. In the bathroom, where there’s always plenty of moisture in the air, it’s best to pick moisture-resistant paint. Blue mid-sheen emulsion tends to be a popular choice.

Paint the Door Trim

If the trim around your doors is looking a little bit on the tired side, then you might find you can revitalise it with a touch of paint. Sand down any rough-looking areas, and fill in any gaps with wood filler. Then paint. For most homeowners, white door paint tends to work well – but you might find that a natural finish suits quality architrave.

Hang curtains high and wide

Natural light is your friend when it comes to creating the right vibe for your interior. By hanging your curtains as high and as wide as possible, you’ll allow them to be fully drawn, letting in as much natural light as possible. Just make sure that your curtains hang as low down as necessary to fully obscure the window. 

Use area rugs

If you fancy a change of flooring, then you don’t need to rip everything up and start again. The right area rug can add character to the room, while offering flexibility, too. If you decide that you don’t like the look of a particular rug, then you can always move it around, or swap it for something new. Plus, it doesn’t take any special expertise or outside help to fit a rug – just throw it down and forget it!

Update your lampshades

Your choice of lampshades will not only change the look of the room but alter the way that light gets distributed around it. Think about how the light is going to interact with the other colours of your room, and invest accordingly. Bigger lampshades can draw attention; smaller ones can be subtler.

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