6 Ways to Sleep Better While Pregnant: Advice From My Friends To You!

Remember the post I put together with my friend Emma, all about 5 subtle ways to boost your glamour game after having a baby?  Well we’re back today with another advice from my friends to you post; 6 ways to sleep better while pregnant.

Being pregnant is not easy, and you will likely find that you experience tiredness and nausea unlike ever before. Getting the sleep you need is essential to you and your baby’s health. Due to all the different changes that are going on in your body, getting a good night’s sleep can seem impossible, but by making a few changes to your routine, lifestyle, and bedroom you will be able to enjoy some rest and feel energised in the morning. Here are six ways to sleep better while pregnant.


Having the right mattress is important if you want to improve your sleep while pregnant. The mattress you are sleeping on can influence how much rest you are getting and can even keep you awake at night. You should take a look at Casper king size mattresses as they offer you the ultimate comfort that provides zoned support for spinal alignment.

The Casper king size mattress was named 2019 WHICH best buy. They offer award-winning comfort to improve your quality of sleep. Casper is an awarding winning sleep product store that is well-known for offering quality but affordable mattresses, pillows, and bed frames to name just a few. They offer you free and speedy delivery to your door so that you can soon be enjoying a good night’s sleep. Their products feature superior support, which means there are four layers of foam provided to give you instant pressure relief and softness. This is essential for your sleep when you are pregnant.


While pregnant, you may find that you need to sleep more often than usual, so make sure that you listen to your body and if you feel like you need some rest, go for a nap. Don’t feel like you must only sleep at night. If you want an afternoon nap, then go for one! Being pregnant is tiring, so give your body a well-deserved rest whenever it needs one.

You should also expect your sleeping pattern and routine to change while you are pregnant, and you may find yourself wanting to go to bed much earlier than usual. There is nothing wrong with being in bed at 8 or 9 pm when you would usually be up past midnight.


As sleep is so important when you are pregnant, you should spend some time in the evenings winding down and relaxing. You may find that a warm shower or a hot bath makes you feel more relaxed and gets you ready for bed, as it prepares your body to go to sleep.

It is advisable to avoid looking at screens, such as the TV or your mobile phone, too close to bedtime, so consider turning off all your electricals and perhaps reading a book instead. Some expectant mums listen to relaxing nature sounds to wind down and prepare themselves for a good rest.


Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you are any less busy, but you shouldn’t expect yourself to be as productive and energetic as you normally are. While you may find yourself reaching for a caffeine fix more often than you usually do, you should try to remove caffeine completely from your diet.

After speaking with your doctor, you may be told that you can have a small amount of caffeine while pregnant, but you should be sure not to have any after lunch time, as this can keep you and your baby awake at night. Even the smallest amounts of coffee can keep you lying awake, staring at the ceiling for hours when you should be getting the rest you need.


One of the main reasons we find ourselves waking up in the middle of the night is because there is some source of light that is getting into the room. Therefore, before you go to sleep, you should try and make your bedroom as dark as possible.

This may mean investing in blackout blinds or turning off any glowing lights from electrical items such as alarm clocks and phones.


If you eat too much shortly before you go to bed, then this cause may you to be restless during the night. As you know, you should already be eating as best you can while you are pregnant, but by eating a healthy and light meal in the evening, you may find that you get to sleep faster and stay asleep for longer.

However, make sure that you are eating enough otherwise you may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night with hunger pains!

Getting a good night’s sleep when you are pregnant can be difficult, but these helpful tips will get you the well-earned rest you need.  

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