6 Ways Too Add Value To Your Home

There is nothing more exciting than putting together plans to renovate the home. You want to put your house back on the market one day, and while the renovations right now are for you and your family to enjoy, you need to consider the way that these renovations will add value to your home. If you want to sell, you want to get the best possible price for your house, and with the right renovations that is what you will get.

When you can see the value of your house increasing, you will be able to see the future that this sale can offer you. You could afford a bigger house one day, and you can climb the property ladder when you do this – it’s exciting! You have to do the work now so that you can reap the rewards later on. You can move up the property ladder, but you have to start with making your home as upgraded as possible. Your home improvements may seem like you’re eating into your savings, but it’s all going to work for you in the end. The more you invest in your home, the more it will be worth when you go to sell it. 

So, what could you be doing to your house to upgrade it and add value? Let’s take a look at six perfect ways to add that correct value.

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Loft conversions are all the rage, as they’re the easiest way to create an extra bedroom or bathroom. You can push your home up into the next price bracket because you’ve added another bedroom onto the property. Always consult with the builders and architects who know what they’re doing before you get started on the build; they’ll tell you whether it’s a good idea. You may spend a lot, but it’ll add a chunk of change to the house.


Have you ever considered moving your parents into your home, but you don’t have the space? Well, annexe buildings can add value to your home and you can put them in the garden or the side of the house. An annexe is usually a studio-type property so you’ll need to ensure that it has plumbing and electricity. They can be a big build, but you can guarantee that your home will be worth more by the end of the build.


If you have a long front yard with a lawn and flowers but no driveway, consider having a switch. Change the front yard into the driveway and you can bet that you’ll add value. Off-street parking is a winner, but a private driveway? You’ll need some local govt permission for this one as the kerb needs to be dropped to create your driveway.


Conservatories are a considerable build and you can choose to spend anything up to £20,000 on a conservatory for your home. You can add more light, space and a new and quirky way to enjoy your home with a conservatory and as they can be in a range of styles with a huge choice of window types, you can really tailor your conservatory to your home.


This isn’t going to be a cheap option for your home, but an extension can add considerable money to the value of your home. Most extensions require planning permission and you need to ask permission from the neighbours if the extension is going to be an imposition. You can guarantee that you will be able to take up space in the garden, but if it creates that extra living space you need, then it’s worth it. You could even extend at the top of the house to create an extra storey on the house. 


One of the best upgrades that you can choose for your house is in the kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of the home and it’s where everyone looks to first before they choose their home. They want a functional and beautiful cooking space, and they want to make sure that the kitchen is modern. Choose a modern upgrade for your kitchen – it’s your place to cook, relax and socialise. It’s a popular renovation to make for the home because of how sought-after a beautiful kitchen is.

No matter which of these upgrades you choose, you can add value to your home. You’re going to be able to sell your house for much more when you renovate. Where will you start?

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