7 Fun Activities Grandparents and Grandkids Can Do Together

Senior citizens are our connection to the past. With a wealth of knowledge, stories, and traditions, it is crucial to connect with our grandparents and senior loved ones while they are still around. The world is a busy place. We do not always have time to spend with the people we love the most. That is why we need to treasure every moment we spend together.


It can be challenging to bridge the gap between older and younger generations, but doing so can be incredibly rewarding. It is important to find ways for grandparents and grandchildren to connect with each other. One way to build relationships is by identifying fun activities that they can do together. Seniors living in continuing care retirement communities can engage their grandchildren in fun activities hosted at the centers. Below is a list of such activities:

  1. Sing Together

Music is a powerful art form that brings the world together. It is not different even in a family unit. Whether you live with your grandkids or they visit once in a while, you can have fun together through music. You can teach them some of the simple singing games you played while growing up, sing them lullabies, or do karaoke of your favorite songs. 


With applications like YouTube with numerous children’s songs, you can also sing along to some of your grandkids’ favorite songs and have fun. You can sing most of those songs together when you go for those long rides in your car or during a family reunion. The lyrics don’t have to be perfect, but the bonding time is what matters.

  1. Solve Puzzles 

Puzzles require teamwork to be completed, and the fact that they are mind-boggling gives breed the perfect platform for interaction. It’s also a great way to engage and enhance confidence in your grandkids, especially if you can solve the whole puzzle together. They’ll want to show off the puzzle to their parents at the end of the game. 


Additionally, allow your grandkids to get into action by teaching you some of their favorite games. Most kids are very good at video games. Seniors could use some help with some of those!

  1. Pass On Important Traditions

What better way to ensure that important family traditions continue than to teach them to the younger generation? Besides the usual universal conventions like Thanksgiving Day, you and your grandkids can develop unique family traditions that help bring together the family unit across generations. 


It could range from; coming up with a family song, teaching a new skill, storytelling, letter writing for each birthday, etc. When kids are taught something from a young age, they grow into it, and they’ll always make it their business to ensure that they fulfill these traditions yearly and pass the same practice to future generations.

  1. Nurture Skills

Like traditions, most seniors have unique skills that are rarely done these days. As you teach them, you also help them perfect and improve their confidence in the hobbies or crafts they may wish to pursue. Some of such skills could be; fishing, beekeeping, knitting, gardening, etc. However, do them for fun and don’t force them into anything that doesn’t align with their interests. Additionally, if you notice a particular skill that they’re naturally good at, you can advise on how they can improve them.


Furthermore, if such skills are perfected from a young age, they can benefit them in the future. You can also learn a new skill together to make it fun. It doesn’t have to be about what you are good at. A healthy but fun challenge once in a while creates lasting memories.

  1. Explore The Outdoors

You can never get bored exploring the outdoors with your grandkids. There are numerous outdoor activities which you can always do together if you intentionally plan for them, like;

  • Going to the park
  • Going to the grocery store
  • Taking a nature walk
  • Traveling
  • Birdwatching
  • Having a picnic
  • Going for swimming
  • Going for shows 


Besides, most outdoor activities give you the chance to also interact with the outdoor space even as you bond. Alternatively, you can also explore the outdoors by doing outdoor physical activities together. You could be good at basketball, tennis, biking, etc. Your grandkids can join you on your road to fitness as you also have fun.

  1. Cook Together

Grandkids always love some sweet treats. If you’re a good cook, then get to make some of these treats together whenever you can be with them. You’ll also have firsthand information on what is going on in their lives and build a conversation. Involve them in everything, from shopping for the ingredients together and guiding them in preparation. Start with simple recipes, preferably their favorite treats. 

  1. Cheer On Your Favorite Team

Like music, sports are another world-cohesive event and another outdoor activity that’s less strenuous. If you’re both fanatics of a specific team, you can buy tickets, wear your team’s jerseys on the match day, and cheer on your team together. 


If you currently don’t have a team or sport you both like, you could decide on a sport you both enjoy. Whether your team wins or loses, the most important thing is the quality time spent together. 


The moments spent between grandparents and grandkids are priceless. Every chance that they have to share should always be made memorable.


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