7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Sustainable And Ethical Fashion

Sustainable and ethical fashion, also known as eco-fashion or natural clothing, is a way of life if you want to be a conscious consumer. The term refers to the production of durable, quality garments that are made from sustainable materials. These clothes are not only just for show, but they have been constructed in such a way, so they can last longer than their conventional counterparts. It’s an amazing concept because it means you don’t have to continue buying new clothes every season when all it takes is to buy garments that will last years! This saves both money and time in the long run while helping reduce waste, which has become such an issue these days.


The foundation of sustainable fashion is to produce and use clothes and accessories in an eco-friendly way so as not to harm the environment at any time during its life cycle – from material production, right through to recycling or disposing of it when no longer usable. This way, you can help reduce pollution and water contamination formed by textile waste. According to the team behind blonde gone rogue, if you’re wondering if this kind of fashion is ugly or in any other way less appealing, just try to compare them, and you’ll notice that there isn’t any difference except for the materials used and its functionality. You’ll also be happy to know that all the best and new designers are creating eco-fashion behind closed doors, making it even more attractive. Fashion doesn’t have to be a pain for the planet!

Your Skin Will Thank You

There is a large number of conventional clothing that contain heavy metals and harmful chemical substances that can be absorbed by the skin. These clothes usually contain things like formaldehyde, triclosan, TPHP (a carcinogenic fire retardant), Chromium (VI) oxide greens, and hundreds of other toxic ingredients which will eventually make you sick. The worst part is it doesn’t come out even after multiple washes! Do your future self a favor and consider buying eco-fashion instead, especially if you’re sensitive to certain chemicals. By doing this, you’ll reduce the risk of allergies and rashes or any other skin irritation while providing necessary comfort at the same time because it’s organic and free from all nasty things that cause discomfort.

Healthier planet + you = win-win situation!

Less Expensive

This might be the most obvious reason why you should start using sustainable fashion. It’s cheaper! As time goes by, this kind of clothing will be easier and cheaper to produce because the demand for them is growing exponentially. Whether you’re looking to buy a new garment or simply do some home repairs, you can always find eco-friendly items that are much cheaper than conventional clothes. Now imagine doing all the shopping under one category – no need to shop around anywhere else, just sit back in comfort while searching through dozens of listings on multiple websites, saving both money and time! And if you think about it, why would anyone choose anything other than natural materials when they can provide better performance at half the price?

Socially Responsible

Just like organic food became more popular over the past decade, sustainable fashion has grown its own fan base, and it’s easy to notice in all the hip organic cafes in every city, young professionals in their natural fibers, and even in beauty shops that offer eco-friendly cosmetics. All this goodness is here to stay because people are starting to become more aware of how their actions influence society by supporting sustainable fashion. You can help too by consciously shopping for such clothes and letting everyone know about your newfound passion!

Custom Sizes

Did you ever wonder why many conventional clothing brands only produce small, medium, and large sizes? Because they would need much more fabric if they wanted to make garments in different shapes or customized designs, which will cost them more money. Did you also know that fast fashion relies on mass production, which means very few pieces of clothing are made per item? This way they can meet the demand for most sizes with less fabric. Eco-fashion on the other hand is much more customizable, and garments are often created by small businesses that focus on quality rather than quantity.

Besides, many sustainable designers create clothes from scratch, which means you’re free to request any design from them without worrying about it not being available in your size because they’ll make it custom. Sustainability now means that instead of buying the same old thing every time you shop, you can now design your own clothes by altering or customizing those available online without worrying about harming the environment.

Ethical Production

Who says sustainable fashion is not trendy? It’s just the opposite because many designers are cutting out all chemicals found in typical textiles. When you buy eco-fashion, whether it be organic cotton or recycled polyester, you’re supporting environmentally friendly businesses that have nothing to hide. You can find out more about their business practices by reading reviews and articles written about them on various blogs.

Another way of cutting down on air pollution caused by using harmful chemicals is by using biodegradable materials during the manufacturing process. Synthetic fabrics take hundreds of years to decompose, so buying eco-friendly clothes will encourage textile manufacturers to turn to other alternatives that won’t harm the environment, causing damage for future generations!

Saving Animals, Saving You

Without a doubt, one of the most important reasons to use sustainable fashion is because it saves animals. Not only does this type of clothing give them more life, but it also means that by buying eco-friendly clothes, you’re supporting companies that don’t use fur or feathers in any of their products. There are many ethical vegan brands on the market today that are never tested on animals, and some even provide extensive information on their websites about how they create their garments. Don’t miss out on your chance to help save these poor souls – go shopping happily, knowing you’ve done something remarkable for once!

Sustainable and ethical fashion is a way of life if you want to be a conscious consumer. One size doesn’t fit all, there are many different ways that companies practice sustainability such as using biodegradable materials, recycled items, organic fabrics, and even plant-based clothing! Sustainable clothes mean creativity, recycling, saving animals and the planet. It’s the fashion future!

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