7 Tips for Practicing Yoga in the Spring & Summer

As we lovingly shake off the winter, it is time to shift your yoga practice ready to welcome in warmer months. Spring is a time of new life and new awakenings and thus, can be an extremely powerful time to connect with the earth through your yoga practice. 

There are some simple ways to elevate your sunshine led yoga practice, so raise those arms high in sun salutations and get ready to embrace the warmth!

Practice Outside 

The most powerful way to start your yoga shift is to step outside, take a breath and make the most of the ambient temperatures. There are amazing benefits to practicing outdoor yoga – it allows an opportunity to connect with nature and develop and inner strength. 

A midday practice is perfect for a ‘hot yoga’ experience – excellent for warm muscles and intense flows. However, the cool mornings and hopeful sunrise is the perfect way to start your day on the right note.  

Stay Hydrated 

As temperatures rise, it is more important than ever to stay hydrated during your yoga practice. Keep a water bottle close by; you could even infuse it with cucumber, ginger, lemon or mint for a burst of freshness. Your body is your garden, so water it well! There are some fantastic eco-friendly water bottles on the market. 

Find Comfort

Any tools or coverings used during yoga should become an extension of your body. The yoga clothing here uses smart, sweat-wicking materials that are breathable and offer maximum comfort during your warm-weather practice. Be at one with your body and find yoga clothing that works with you, not against you. 

Involve Your Senses

While incense and essential oils are traditional tools for meditation and yoga, take advantage of nature’s bounty and see how you can use flowers, the earth, the ocean and plants to enhance your practice. Tap into the new sensory experience that these elements can bring. 

Lather Up!

If you are practicing outside, be sure to protect yourself from the sun goddesses’ glares! Sun lotion is essential for all outdoor practice. If you find you are slipping during your flow, consider a dry finish sunscreen and switching to a cork yoga mat, which is naturally sweat absorbing and slip-resistant. 

Learn the 12 Steps of Sun Salutation 

Even if you are completely new to yoga, learning the 12 steps of Surya Namaskar is a fantastic way to welcome in your summer practice. The 12 powerful poses provide a wonderful workout and with a little practice, you will be able to move freely from one Asana to the next. 

Find a New Space 

Whether it’s a structured outdoor class or a simple wander alone, explore new places where you can find peace and relaxation during your practice. Consider looking for a lightweight, travel yoga mat or a yoga mat bag so you can quickly grab it when you’re on the go. 


However you choose to practice yoga through the spring and summer months, remember that it is a journey and experience – not a chore! Keep switching up your yoga routine until you find one that works in perfect harmony with your life.

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