7 Ways To Enjoy a UK Staycation

WhatLauraLoves at The Gables Pod Camping in Escomb

Going abroad can be an exciting adventure, but many of us never explore what’s on our own doorstep.  Whilst the UK may have temperamental weather, it has plenty of other attractions to make up for it.  I always say that we live in a truly beautiful country yet we don’t seem to appreciate it.  It dawned on me in recent years that I’ve been to so many incredible places all over the world yet theres still so much of the UK that I am yet to explore.  Now I’m making a conscious effort to see more of our fabulous country with plenty of mini staycations, just like I did this past weekend at The Gables Pod Camping (pictured above) in Escomb.

If you’ve been considering a staycation, why not try one of these 7 holiday ideas.

St Georges Hall in Liverpool WhatLauraLoves


The UK has some incredible cities worth exploring. There’s Liverpool which is one of my favourites, I was there recently checking out St Georges Hall (pictured above) ahead of the Curve Fashion Festival, and Manchester with its canals, cathedrals and buzzing nightlife which is another favourite of mine.  I went there last week filming a quick video with Lovedrobe which I’ll be able to share with you all soon.

WhatLauraLoves in Manchester wearing a Lovedrobe dress

Brighton is a hugely popular southern city thats been on my list of places to visit for a long time.  With its bars, beach and indie vibe, it looks like a sure fire winner. Oxford and Cambridge with their historic universities are definitely a must visit for tourists; I went to Oxford several years ago and loved visiting the old gaol. Of course I couldn’t mention our UK cities without London with its countless landmarks, shops, museums and restaurants.

A city break can be expensive, but you can save costs by staying out of the centre and taking advantage of free attractions.  This winter, I’m going to be visiting Belfast and I’m so excited.  As well as going to paid for exhibitions like the Titanic Experience, we’re also going to be taking a free walking tour around the city that goes into the history of the trouble in Belfast over the years.

WhatLauraLoves on South Shields Beach


There’s no shortage of beaches in the UK – whilst they may not always be sunny they can still be great for a holiday.  You can go on walks, take boat trips and soak up the local attractions. There are lots of cool places to stay by the sea – just check out these caravans for sale in North Wales, which are ideal for a peaceful retreat. Alternatively, you could try staying in a B&B in Bournemouth for the ultimate seaside town getaway.

However my top recommendation would of course be the North East.  I’m so lucky to live along this gorgeous coastline and can tell you first hand how much it is worth a visit.  Whether you’re going to Seaburn and South Shields or Whitley Bay and Bamburgh, you’ll find beautiful beaches, plenty to see and do and a great atmosphere with Mackem and Geordie hospitality!

Alnwick Castle on WhatLauraLoves Blog


The UK is also teeming with historical attractions from Stonehenge to Hadrian’s Wall up in Northumberland. There are also plenty of castles and cathedrals to be found across the country. York and Edinburgh are two fantastic places to go for those craving a historical trip but my top recommendation would have to be Alnwick Castle (pictured above and below) which is owned by the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland.

 WhatLauraLoves at Alnwick Castle


The UK also has some world-renowned festivals including Edinburgh Fringe (the biggest arts festival in the world and perfect for if you love comedians and theatrical performances- its on my bucket list to go) and Glastonbury (perhaps the world’s most famous music festival).  The UK has hundreds of smaller festivals too from niche music festivals to unusual traditions such as cheese rolling and bog snorkelling.


When it comes to scenic road trips, there are also plenty to be had in the UK. Scotland has plenty of epic rural drives where you can follow the tale of Robert Burns or drive by the rocky peaks of the Cairngorms. Northern Ireland meanwhile is also a must-drive destination with its famous coastal roads.  However the drive that I find the most beautiful is through The Lake District; unspoilt and epically beautiful.


If you’re looking for a physical challenge, there are also plenty of thrills to be had across the UK.  From cycling to surfing, there are all kinds of outdoor sports to take part in.  You could also try visiting one of the country’s national parks and going for a hike – Dartmoor, The Lake District and Snowdonia are some of the most popular.  My dad has walked the length and breadth of The Lakes several times over in his lifetime and I hope to build my stamina enough to follow suit one day.

WhatLauraLoves at The Gables Pod Camping


An escape to the countryside doesn’t have to be an active adventure – it could be a chance to relax in a cosy, sheltered setting.  You could stay in a treehouse with a hottub in Somerset or try some spa treatments in a converted stately home.  You might even find a glamping site with hot tubs like I did at The Gables! There are all kinds of quirky natural retreats to be found that could be great for a romantic break or a gathering with old friends.

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7 Ways To Enjoy a UK Staycation by Travel Blogger WhatLauraLoves

How often do you go on a UK staycation?  What has been your favourite place in the UK to visit?

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