8 Best Video Maker Tools

Gifts are an essential element of every celebration. Everyone wishes to present their loved ones with something unique that stands apart from the other gifts. However; with occasions coming around so frequently, we often run out of ideas. 

However, a gift idea that has been gaining prominence across the population today is a video gift. 

Video gifts consist of wishes from all the people who the celebrant is close to. A video allows you to connect with people from every corner of the world and include them to be a part of the celebration. 

You can ask relatives and friends to film their videos, send some photographs, shoot some candid moments at the birthday party and collate all of this into a video gift! You can also set up a background theme for the filming of videos, choose a dress code and so on! 

One can easily get through connecting with people and shooting videos. What often gets difficult is organizing and editing these. Compiling videos can be time-consuming and despite putting in all your efforts, it might not turn out to be appealing and professional enough. 

This is where video-making tools come in! Video-making tools ease out the process for you and help you fabricate a video that will fill the receiver with immense joy!

Here are the 8 best video maker tools that you can employ to create the video you visualized. 


1] Celebrate 

Celebrate is a tool that assists you throughout the video-making process. Starting from sending invites to the family and friends who are going to be a part of the video to sharing the final video with the celebrant; this tool provides guidance throughout. A distinct feature of Celebrate is that not everyone has to sign up and install any application. If one individual gets the package and logs in; everyone else by using a particular link created by the user can film their videos for free and that too without hassles. 

The best video clips then can be organised on the account and can be edited and worked on to create an amazing final video. This video tool saves a lot of time, effort and device space. It costs $4 to $19 depending on the package. It allows the addition of music, fonts, themes and so much more which in the end turns out to have a professional touch! 


2] Renderforest.com

Renderforest.com has exceptional default themes for the creation of stunning videos. You can also create greeting cards or slideshows with the tool. Additional to animated templates, Renderforest also offers royalty-free stock footage access. It is easy to use and has a rich music collection. However; the user needs to sign up with the templates or either pay per export or subscribe to their plans to eliminate their watermark.


3] Wideo 

Wideo is a website that enables the creation of animated videos. If you want to create something amusing; then you must go for wideo without hesitation. All you have to do is upload images, and audio and sit back as the website creates an impressive animated video. This can then be downloaded in HD quality from the website. The website allows complete control of who gets to view the video thereby ensuring safety. 


4] Picovico.com 

If you want to create a well-polished birthday movie; Picovico is your best bet. Sign up, select a video style, add images, videos, music, and text and get a remarkable video created in no time. The video maker, however, has a watermark and if you are inclined to remove it, you will have to pay $9.99. 


5] Animoto

Animoto is widely used by around 13 million people. It offers incredible features that allow users to create phenomenal videos. All you need to do is pick a style and background music, import photos, and videos and customise the video according to your requirements. Then it is ready to share! Animoto application on iOS and android allows easy access to the users from any place. The tool is free to use but if you want to remove the branding, you will have to pay. 


6] Media.io Online Video Maker

Media.io has the unique feature of webcam recording using which you can film yourself and add the frame to the video. You can add unique texts, titles, elements, trim and seamlessly combine videos. The created video can be exported at 1080p for free without any watermark. 


7] Jibjab 

If you are creating a video for your friend and want it to be comical; Jibjab is what you must choose. It allows users to choose from themes and helps create a video that can be sent as an e-card. You can either choose a free account which has limited access and features or go for paid premium membership. 


8] Kizoa 

Kizoa is highly user-friendly and helps you create a video with negligible effort. It has plentiful built-in effects, transitions and also kids’ photos, wedding photos, backgrounds, video intros and outro templates, which are beneficial if you need media. Kizoa also requires no registration fee! 


All these tools have their own pros and cons. So, before you choose one, make sure you thoroughly skim through their features and only choose what works the best for you!

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