9 Reasons to Try Horse Riding

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Have you ever been horse riding? Often, it’s something that we try when we’re kids, but then forget about as we get older, unless it’s something that we absolutely loved. You may have only ever ridden a horse on holiday, or the closest that you may have come might have been riding a small donkey on the beach when you were a toddler. It’s certainly not something that all of us have done, and few people try it for the first time as an adult unless their kids ask. 

If you aren’t a keen rider, you might not have thought about it for a long time. But, this might be a shame. Horse riding can be great fun, whether you end up buying your own and kitting it out with supplies from Equi Supermarket, or you just ride occasionally. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should give riding a go, whether it is your first time or something that you haven’t done for years. 

It’s Great Exercise

If you’ve never ridden, or can’t remember, you might not think that horse riding is physically challenging. You just sit there while the horse does all of the work, right? If you have ridden, you’ll be familiar with the inability to walk after, as well as the aches and pains in the days that follow. 

Horse riding is more physically demanding than you might imagine. It can strengthen your core, back, arms, and legs, and it can be a cardio workout, which raises your heart rate, improves your stamina, and helps you to maintain your fitness.

Then, there’s all of the other horse riding related activities, like mucking out the stable and grooming, which can be a significant physical exertion, burning calories, and building muscle. 

You’ll Get More Fresh Air

The modern world is busy. We spend so much time working or commuting, and most of our exercise is done indoors at the gym. You might struggle to get fresh air in your day to day life. 

There are many advantages of fresh air. It’s great for your digestive system, blood pressure, and heart rate. Fresh air can improve your quality of sleep, make you happy, boost your immune system, and help you to feel more alert. It’s an easy fix for many problems.

Horse riding is an easy and fun way to get more time in the fresh air, not only outside, but also away from the pollution of busy cities. 

It Could Become Your New Passion

Horse riding might be something that you do now and then for fresh air and exercise. Or, it might be something that you absolutely love. You might give up more of your free time to it, or even start to take it more seriously. Who knows what a casual ride could one day lead to?

Horse Riding Could Improve Your Mental Health

Time in the fresh air, exercise, and also time with a beautiful animal, and experiencing a comforting, repetitive motion, mean that horse riding can be a great mental health boost. This can be especially beneficial if you lead a busy life and find it hard to relax. 

It’s a Great Way to Spend Time with Your Family

Riding with family or friends is a great way to spend quality time with the people that you love, away from distractions and responsibilities. It’s a great chance to chat and catch up and can be an effective bonding exercise. 

You’ll Make New Friends

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Riding can even be a way to make new friends. You’ll meet other people in lessons or at the stable, and you could make close friends if it is something that you commit more time to. 

You Could Learn A Lot From Your Horse

Horses are gorgeous. Powerful, but graceful. Strong and energetic but peaceful. There’s a lot that we could learn from this balance. 

Horse Riding Can Improve Coordination and Balance

By strengthening your core and giving you time to learn about the effects of even subtle movements, riding could improve your coordination and balance. 

There Are Many Advantages to Learning New Skills

Learning new skills, whether horse riding or anything else, has many advantages. It can help to keep your mind active and alert. It could even prevent the onset of mental aging, improve your focus and concentration, and open your mind up to learning other things. 

If you’re convinced, check out riding centres in your local area and get booked in for a lesson, or a free-riding session, depending on your previous experience.

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