A Beginners Guide To Bead Making

After my crafting experience at the weekend, I am now on the artistic bandwagon, bringing you a post today all about bead making.

While you may think a beginners guide to bead making is something that would be difficult to grasp, the fact is that bead making is actually a very fun and easy to attain skill that you can graduate from rapidly.  Of course you need to begin at the beginning and a beginners guide to bead making is a useful thing to have, no matter where you are in the process. Here are a few things to consider when you are undertaking the prospects of making your own beaded pieces that can make beautiful jewellery and decorative items.

Supplies: You have got to have all the right supplies in your arsenal and you should have several things before you begin your first piece. Some important supplies include:

  • Pliers

  • Crimper

  • Nipper

  • Strand Wire (different lengths depending on what you’re making)

  • Beads (crystal, glass, pearls, whatever you’d like!)

  • Lobster claws

  • Toggle clasps

You also need a case to carry all these items in. There is nothing worse than a disorganized bead maker (which we will talk about in the next section!). Many people have a tackle box style case that you can find in any bead location.  I remember when my dad used to go fly fishing and he would make his own flies and have everything organised in a tackle box which kept everything together, neat and organised.

Before starting a new piece, do your homework and maybe draw up some designs so that you know what you might like for your first bead piece. There is nothing worse than getting going in your bead work and having to stop to get some small bit of supplies you could have had all along.

Work Area: Another thing you are going to need to have is a work area. This can be a corner of your studio flat or a room in your country estate but you need a place to work! You will quickly realise that even though most bead pieces are small there will be a lot of mess unless there is a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

Patterns: One thing you will begin to realise as you get going in your bead adventures is that you want to have an open mind to your bead creations. Maybe you start out with an idea that you really want a solid piece of one color but that can get pedantic. You may then decide to add in a pop of color to break things up or you could come up with a fun pattern. It’s really up to you; you should remember that your bead action is your own!

Graduated: Once you have gotten going in beading you may decide to use graduated design schemes where the beads get bigger or smaller at different spots in the piece. You should have these pieces at the ready and be prepared to let these ideas change as your jewellery progresses.

Advanced: If you think you’re ready for some real challenges you may want to try new things. Knotting and using connectors are some of the more advanced beading techniques that you can learn about ultimately. But at the beginning it’s important to remember that you don’t need to impress anyone but yourself. Get working and see where the beads take you!

If you want to learn more and further advance a beginners guide to bead making you should call on your friends over at The Bead Shop. Since 1993 The Bead Shop has been in Manchester and has been helping customers make all their beading dreams come true. Moreover they have an extensive website where you can order supplies, see their full selection, and even query and read articles so that you can learn all there is to know about bead making! You can be the beading virtuoso you have always wanted to be in no time!

*in collaboration with The Bead Shop

Have you ever made your own beaded jewellery? How did it turn out?

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