A Comprehensive Guide To Exploring London’s Wonderful Attractions

London is a world-famous city and there are good reasons why. It is the capital of England, it has some great landmarks and some tourist destinations that everyone can enjoy. Unfortunately, you will have seen and done all of this if you live nearby or are a frequent visitor. However, this does not mean that you have seen all that London has to offer.

To get a full experience in the city you need to look at the things that few people are aware of. As such, this article will look at some of the lesser-known attractions in London that you should be visiting.

Roman Gods

London isn’t the first place people go to worship Roman gods but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to do so. In fact, a short trek down St Stephens will reveal the Mithraeum. This three-story building houses all manner of Roman artefacts from their occupation of England, many of which are in reference to the Roman god of Mithras.

Mithras was considered to be the god of light during the time of the Romans. If you are a fan of theology and history, the Mithraeum is definitely worth looking at.


Whether or not you believe in ghosts is irrelevant when it comes to London. You may not be able to see the spectral forms of humans past floating around the streets but you can see the ghostly remains of some of London’s abandoned tube stations. 

There were so many stations back in the day that some became obsolete over time. These hollowed-out, underground spaces are perfect for ghost tours. Equipped with your favorite ghost-hunting equipment, you can visit them during the day or, if you’re brave enough, at night.

Video Games

Sure, you can find video games on the shelves of most retail stores. However, it is extremely rare when you get the chance to live as a video game character. 

Lara Croft is one of the most recognisable faces in the video-games industry and for a good reason. That is why the people at the Tomb Raider Live Experience have opened a live-action tomb raider experience in London. You can purchase tickets online and start your survival journey whenever you are ready.

Sea Creatures

The natural history museum is one of the most visited places in London. There is always a crowd milling through these doors and people come from all over the world to see a part of English history. 

Inside, you will find the regular attractions that these tourists are expecting to see. However, something large and sinister lurks within these walls. In 2004, a giant squid was brought into the museum as an exhibition. 

This humungous creature spans 28 feet and is the only one of its kind on display in the UK. Furthermore, these remains sit next to the preserved skeleton of the whale that entered the Thames a few years back. You may not have thought it, but London has quite a varied display of historical sea creatures considering it is a landlocked city.

There you have some weird and wonderful things to do and experience in London that you never know existed. What’s more, this is just the start. You never know what else you may find with further exploration.

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