A Dog Owner’s Guide To Keeping A Clean Home

Daisy May Looking After Dogs Wellbeing

There’s nothing better than coming home each day, only to have your dog greet you at the door with a welcoming paw. Your pooch can make you feel safe too, give you a reason to exercise, and give you companionship when you’re feeling lonely. 

All hail our four-legged friends then!

Of course, despite the benefits pooch can bring you, there are the downsides. We are talking about those little puddles on the floor that you accidentally step into. We are talking about those muddy footprints that can ruin your carpets. And we are talking about the mass of hair that, let’s face it, gets everywhere! In your efforts to create an easy-to-clean home, your job will be made more difficult because of your furry companion.

Still, it’s not impossible. 


You don’t have to replace every carpet in your home, but for those areas where your dog is sure to wander, you might want to lay down laminate, vinyl, or engineered wood flooring instead. With the right design to complement your home, you will give your living space greater aesthetic appeal this way. But above and beyond that, you will also have flooring that is more durable, easier-to-clean, and less problematic when it comes to the hairs and stains that your dog leaves behind.


You should always keep stain removers close by, as you never know when your dog might have a toileting accident while you train your dog, or when he might suffer the ill-effects of something he has eaten. Of course, not only will you have the ugliness of a stain to contend with, but you will also have to put up with the nasty odours too! This isn’t what you need in your life, especially when your guests are just arriving for tea! Now, while there are loads of products on your supermarket shelves for pet stains, you might also try these natural homemade cleaners instead. Not only are they safer for the environment, but they will make your room smell nice too!


Before your dog has the opportunity to lay waste to your floors and sofas with his muddy footprints, give him a good scrub down at the door. Lay down a plastic mat in readiness, and have a bucket, a sponge, and a towel in place to help you remove any dirt on his paws. You might also train your dog to wipe his feet at the door if he is obedient enough, so check out this link for some useful tips!


Well, not everything, but in those places where your dog tends to place himself, you should purchase the necessary coverings. We are thinking about easily washable rugs if your home is carpeted, and throws, blankets, and other washable seat coverings for your chairs. These will eliminate the risk of stains and hairs pervading your best furnishings, and you will have less need to worry when you have to leave your dog at home alone. 

What are your tips for keeping a clean home with a dog in tow? Let us know in the comments below.

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