A Guide To Enjoy A Lifestyle Based On Ease

A decade ago, we witnessed the rise of a fast-tracked work culture where young entrepreneurs were always on “go-mode” and on the lookout for the next best thing. By 2015, hustle culture was more than a buzzword and had been turned into an idolized lifestyle for those pursuing the summit of success. We also saw several entrepreneurial influencers endorsing the hustle culture as the only way to attain all the things one desired. However, the story is quite different today.


As we can see, this is probably one of the largest global-scale of burnout the youth are experiencing today. Little did they know that hustle culture is only feasible for short bursts of time. Today, we’re bringing you ways to create a sustainable and successful life with ease- a skill that we all need to learn.


Embrace deep work 

Hustle culture focused on working all the time, skipping weekends, family gatherings, socializing, and sacrificing rest. However, research shows that the brain has a limited capacity for focus and can lose productivity after a certain time span. The key is to learn how to perform all the necessary tasks during 4-6 hours of deep work. This time is dedicated to tuning out all noise and focusing on your tasks so that there are no distractions. Making 1.5-2 hours of deep work slots with a 10-minute break in between sessions will make sure you get the most done without having to sacrifice personal time.


Take your health and wellbeing seriously

Your body will only respect you if you respect it, which is why hustling seven days a week is detrimental to your health. Take care of your diet and meal preps so ensure you’re well nourished. Make mental health a priority by taking up therapy sessions. If you seem to struggle to fall asleep due to racing thoughts, supplements and herbs like CBN isolate help calm your overactive mind. They also induce a restful sleep so you feel rejuvenated.  Also, exercising is a must. A well-rounded approach brings more ease into your life, helping you sustain and enjoy success earned.

Make time for nothingness

It is a great habit to be able to enjoy doing absolutely nothing. Yes, it may sound like a strange concept to you if all you know is working till you drop, then proceeding to other modes of entertainment. However, continuous sensory stimulation can be the factor leading to burnout and anxiety or an overactive mind. Make time to indulge in meditative and mindful practices, breathwork, and simply enjoying nothingness. This may include going to a park on a sunny evening and just stopping to smell the roses.

Final Word:

It was seen as though the secret to creating multiple sources of income and gaining success early in life was the bare minimum goal of every twenty-something youth. If you didn’t have life figured out by the time you were twenty-two, you were lagging. However, this blog is your reminder that you’re on time and don’t need to rush. A slow and methodical approach to life creates sustainable growth.


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