A Long-Term Investment:4 Proven DIY Strategies for Protecting your Home’s Value

When it comes time to sell your home, will you be disappointed at the suggested selling price? There are at least 4 proven ways to protect or even increase your home’s value. Experts have advise for homeowners on the best projects to keep your home looking good and maintaining its value. They all take a little time, effort and money but are great investments. Another benefit is that these projects make your home nicer to live in.

Take a Good Look
The first strategy for protecting your home’s value is to get some professional advice from a realtor or interior designer. A person without a personal connection to the house will see things you have become blind to. Consider hiring a home inspector to check for home repairs such as the plumbing, electrical systems, the roof, termite infestation, or mold that will hurt the home’s value. Have them look for hidden structural problems.
Now you know what needs to be repaired or improved in your home. Make a checklist and fix these problems as time and money allow. Some repairs like the roof, plumbing, and electrical systems need to be fixed by licensed professionals. If you find termites, or other pests, have made their way into your home, you may also wish to call out someone like the Pest Control Experts https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/exterminator/arizona/ to come out and provide a professional solution to this problem. While you’re working on these improvements, don’t forget to have the lighting checked. You may need more or better lighting fixtures in the living room or the kitchen.

Do You Need New Furniture, Flooring, or Appliances?

Second, you may realize that many pieces of furniture look old and worn. Replacing some furniture with new pieces will make the home look better and improve the family’s comfort. You could try products from sumolounge.com for comfortable seating. Bean bags have become a more acceptable seating choice because of their comfort and versatility. A mix of more traditional seating and bean bag furniture can be attractive and affordable. Clean and polish or repair tired looking furniture. Some pieces like end tables or storage chests can be improved with a carefully applied coat of paint.

Replacing kitchen appliances can make the home function better and save energy costs. Replacing worn, stained carpet with wood flooring or laminate wood flooring can be a real plus. The floors will be easier to keep clean. Adding energy-efficient fixtures and appliances throughout the house can save money and add value.  Once you’ve done that, keep on top of the cleaning and your home will be sparkling.  I always feel so satisfied when I’ve had a good dust and vacuum.  Just make sure you have plenty of vacuum cleaner spares as if you become a clean queen like I am then you may go through them quickly!

Do You Like To Paint?

The third recommended DIY strategy is to add a new coat of paint to the interior of the house. Learn to paint effectively and professionally. Painters charge a lot by the hour. But this is one DIY task that most people can learn to accomplish and save money on while making each room look fresh and new. Use neutral, light colours that are easy to live with and appeal to more people. It is easy to check decorating sites online for color guidance. Take the time to do the job right. Repair the walls first. Use good brushes, paint, and rollers to paint.

Declutter and Keep Clean

Your forth strategy is to clean and declutter the whole house. Get rid of clutter and worn-out furniture. Get rid of old magazines, games, and other items you no longer use. Look at the furniture arrangement and move things around to better advantage and get rid of furniture that does not serve a purpose. Now give each room a thorough cleaning. Dust from the ceiling down, wipe off counters, window sills, and baseboards. Vacuum or wash floors. Clean the windows and mirrors. Now enjoy the house.

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