A recipe for fried rice with egg rolls that you won’t find everywhere

A dish that should never be missing as an appetizer if you go to a Chinese food restaurant is Eggs Rolls. This appetizerconsists of wrapped sautéed meat with vegetables and it is served in almost every Asian food restaurant in the world. 

There is not too much information about the origins of this appetizer and for many people, it is unknown where it comes from. However, a Chinese-American cookbook published in 1917 indicates that this food comes from Dan Gun, which translated into English means Egg Roll. The Dan Gun consists of minced meat with vegetables both wrapped with egg. 

From China to America

Other sources claim that the egg roll was invented in a Chinese-American restaurant in the 1930s in New York. 

The truth is that this dish has become part of the menu in the US and over the years, the egg roll has been evolving. An example of this is the egg wrapper, which has been replaced by rice paper, and although the term egg remains in its name, very few places make it with the original recipe. 

Today you will delve a little into the world of Chinese-American food and find a fantastic recipe to prepare an egg roll with fried rice. You will see the ingredients needed and how to make this dish. Also, you will find some tips that can be useful when preparing it and a brief description about some variants of this dish in different countries around the world.

So, no need to keep on looking for fried rice with egg recipes. Here, you surely will find a good one. 

Fried rice egg rolls recipe 

Ingredients:1 large bowl of cooked rice.¼ of a carrot.1 chicken thigh.3 tbsp of ketchup.2 grams of salt.1.8 oz (50 g) of peas.¼ of a tsp of pepper.2 chicken eggs.¼ of an onion.⅓  oz (10 g) of chopped garlic.1 tbsp of fresh milk.3 shiitake mushrooms.1.1 oz (30 g) of corn seeds.

Preparation:Wash and unbone the chicken thigh and then cut it into pieces. Cut the onions and carrots into dices. Remove the shiitake roots, wash them thoroughly and cut them into slices. In a pot, place the corn seeds, peas and diced carrots. Boil until soft.Meanwhile, add oil to a frying pan and heat. Place the chopped garlic in the pan and fry it together with the chicken and mushrooms. Finally, add the rest of the vegetables and fry. Add the ketchup, salt, and pepper and continue frying while stirring the mixture. Add the cooked rice and fry until golden brown. In a separate bowl, beat the eggs with the milk.On a pan, fry the egg and milk mixture forming a surface that you should cook on both sides, and when ready, add the fried rice on one half of the egg and cover it with the other half. Continue frying for two more minutes.Serve accompanied with green vegetables.

Other versions of egg rolls around the world

American egg roll

This is the typical egg roll that most Americans have eaten. It is the result of a fusion of Chinese and American cuisine. They are usually filled with cabbage and pork and fried in oil. 

Chả Giò

Chả Giò is the Vietnamese version of egg rolls. They are rolls made with pork, noodles, mushrooms, carrots, and taro inside. They come wrapped in rice paper and are not complete if not accompanied with the traditional Vietnamese nước chấmsauce.


Gyeran-mari is a type of South Korean egg roll that is a rolled omelet over itself. It is a staple dish typical in South Korean cuisine because of the ease with which its ingredients can be found. It can be served alone or with canned tuna, carrots, bell peppers and ham.

This new Asian food recipe you’ve just learned, that has rice as the main protagonist, is just one of countless you will be able to make if you put your imagination to work. Try this one, and then maybe you’ll like to combine it with another one.

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