Add The Volume and Create The Shape with Guy Kremer

I love hair that’s full of movement and body and volumised all day long, just like this:

Want to know how I inject a bit of life into my hair? Then read on!

As obvious as this sounds, I like a product that works, that does what it says on the tin and lives up to expectations… funny that isn’t it?  As a salon brand, I was expecting a lot from the Guy Kremer range of hair styling products and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

I have been using these two little gems since I was sent them back at the beginning of October.  I chose to review two products that are a type of product that I tend to use on a daily basis (or every other day, depending on when I’ve washed my hair).  These products were the Guy Kremer Add The Volume Body Booster Spray (200ml for £8.95) and the Perfect Hold Putty (75ml for £8.95).  I love it when professional, award winning hair dressers bring out salon quality products at an affordable price. Great packaging too- good quality and effective, no fuss design.

Add The Volume range… Body Booster Spray by Guy Kremer

I use this every time I’ve washed my hair and its fantastic.  Its a simple, no fuss product that really does what it says on the bottle- boosts body.  I simply spritz a generous amount into towel dried hair from the roots through the mid lengths to ends and blow dry with a round brush as I usually do.  This product gives much more volume than any other volumising spray that I have used and most importantly, the volume lasts into the next day; excellent! It gives a glossy finish without leaving a coating or residue on my hair, plus it doesn’t make my hair greasy.  This is something that I always look for in a hair product as I have oily hair to begin with so I don’t want to be adding to it!  Ive found that no matter how much of this I spray into my hair, it doesn’t get greasy… Just volumised! 

Here’s how I achieve a quick volumised look for during the day, perfect for work as it only takes ten minutes!

First I spritz the Body Booster Spray through towel dried hair and brush through…

I then blow dry my hair with a round brush (if this were for the evening I would section my hair rather than roughly dry it)…

I then straighten the ends and sometimes I also rub a little bit of the Guy Kremer Perfect Hold Putty through my palms and then smooth out the ends of my hair and lift and squeeze the mid lengths to ensure the body stays in my hair all day…

Create The Shape Perfect Hold Putty by Guy Kremer

This is very much a unisex product and both Michael and I have enjoyed using it since I received it.  This will last us AGES as a little goes a very long way and you don’t need to reapply it through the day as it keeps .  Michael has enjoyed using this to sculpt his hair into a style when his hair is getting a little longer and he much prefers it to the gel he was using before.  It has a matte finish so gives him a his hair but better look.  I use the Perfect Hold Putty to scrunch my hair when it is curly or wavy, to smooth down the ends, to boost body and to mess up a choppy hair style or ponytail.

The only thing I’m not too keen on about this range is the smell.  The putty is quite nice but I’m not a fan of the Body Booster Spray.  Apparently its supposed to smell of lavender but I just think the scent is a little odd.  I truly think that this is just me though as every review I’ve read raves about the smell of the product.  I don’t love it, but the majority of people do and it certainly wouldn’t stop me from using it as its such a good product.

The Guy Kremer range of hair care products are available from his salon in Winchester and online here. I’m hoping the range becomes available in salons up and down the country too as I love walking into a shop, browsing products and treating myself there and then.

Have you tried any products from the Guy Kremer range? What are your favourite salon brands?

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  1. Just me, Leah
    November 20, 2011 / 11:27 pm

    My hair is fine and in need of body so I might give spray a bash! I'd never heard of these products before, so thanks! x

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