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WhatLauraLoves Lion and Lioness Canvas

When I moved into my flat in 2017, I worked hard to make it home.  It was my first time living out of my parental home and when you’re starting from scratch you don’t often have the budget to be able to buy everything new straight away, at least I didn’t.  I brought the furniture I’d bought for my old bedroom and office with me, gave all of the walls, aside from the open plan living room, dinning room and kitchen a lick of white or pale grey paint and I really made do what with what I had.  Making my rented apartment a home was so important for me as I always knew that it would be a long time before I could afford to buy my own home, if at all and I wanted this place to feel like home straight away.  I’m so proud that I was able to achieve that.

I met my partner Al several months later and even he couldn’t quite believe how homely my place felt having not lived there for very many months and even more so with my close friends who’d seen my flat within weeks of me moving in.

Over the few short years that I’ve lived here, I’ve slowly added extra bits and pieces to my home in terms of decor and a small amount of furniture, like when I created my own at home bar.

Abstract Sheet Posterlounge

Last autumn when Al moved in properly, we knew that we were going to be moving his sofas in too as he owned his whereas the ones that I had were my landlords.  We also got a new bed when I collaborated with Arista Living and that prompted a switch around of furniture and a fresh lick of paint on some of the walls.  It was then that we decided to decorate the open plan living area and we took the walls from more of a cream to a white which was still in keeping with the landlords neutral requirements.

Then this year, when I had a little Christmas money to spend, we chose some accessories to tie some of the rooms together including cushions, throws, decorative ornaments, a vase and a lamp.  It really felt as though so much of our home was coming together and feeling more complete which was only enhanced when Posterlounge got in touch and asked if we’d like to work on a feature with them.

The Queen Posterlounge WhatLaura Loves

Posterlounge is an online shop selling unique wall art for every room in your home.  They have the biggest range I’ve ever seen of paintings, photographs and illustrations by artists from all over the world which can feel a little overwhelming to wade through at first but it only makes choosing the pieces for your home even more enjoyable as the opportunities are endless and you’re spoilt for choice.

What is really great about Posterlounge though is that all of their images can be printed onto a wide range of different materials and in various sizes.  Then they can even be framed, theres so much choice and options to customise the artwork that you choose!  Its really easy to do as the explanations are really clear so while navigating through all of the different art work can be time consuming, selecting the options for the material, size and frame, if required is easy!

Abstract sheet music print

Al and I love to have our friends and family over for parties but we also really enjoy having a night in together, just the two of us, with music on the Sonos speaker so when it came to choosing some art for our lounge, we thought that the Abstract Sheet music would be perfect.

We didn’t want to get only canvases for our home as they’re a safe option for us having a couple of others already, so we know that we already like them.  Instead we opted for the acrylic print in the 80 x 60cm size in a black ARTBOX picture frame and we’re beyond happy with out choice.  It looks fantastic on the wall next to our bar and speaker and really fills this space nicely.  The wall is a huge blank space so it really needed a great piece of art to break it up and this certainly does that.

Marble Canvas Wall Art WhatLauraLoves Posterlounge

Upstairs, we have a big landing area at the top of the stairs that we haven’t quite yet finished but I have a gorgeous beige rug and a radiator cover with some decorative pieces on up there.  Together with a clothes rail that I bought off ebay and customised with gold spray paint.  We don’t have much built in storage in our home so space is limited and we need to use it well.  This is too big of an area to not utilise so having the hanging rail there is ideal for me to put new in pieces on or to organise outfits for shoots, holidays and alike.

Since there was already accents of gold in this area, I was really looking for some art that would have a touch of gold in it and the Gold Fusion II canvas in the 50 x 70cm size fit the bill perfectly.  The colours of this piece of art are stunning; I love the contrast between the light and the dark and the way they sort of watercolour and marble together.

Its an ideal size for this area and although we definitely need more artwork and perhaps a mirror up on the walls up the stairs, it definitely makes this area look a little more complete.

Marble Canvas Wall Art WhatLauraLoves

While our bedroom is pretty much complete, an area that really does need some work is the second bedroom which not only serves the purpose of being a bedroom when my stepson, friends or family stay over but its also my home office too.  It has a huge superking bed in it which used to be in our room which has a gorgeous grey headboard that I bought from Linthorpe Beds and wrote about in this post all about how to create a luxe bedroom you love to relax, sleep and wake up in!

It’ll be quite a while before I can afford to purchase new bedding and accessories for this room but I know that we’ll of course be keeping the headboard so artwork with grey tones would definitely be a wise choice for this room.

Canvas For Bedrooms Posterlounge

When I saw The King and The Queen by Valeriya Korenkova, I knew that I had to pick these.  I went for the canvas in the 40 x 60cm size and they fit perfectly above the bed.  I saw something like this online ages ago on an inspiration page but could never find where to buy them from and now I know- Posterlounge!  They also have another which is The Lion Prince that I think I’ll buy in a smaller size to go in between the two.

These really are stunning drawings and the print onto the canvas is such high quality; the contrast in the between the white, black and grey scale really show the depth of the image and they stand out beautifully

Posterlounge The King WhatLauraLoves

Now finally, a room that I’m going to be doing a full tour of on here soon as I’m so proud of it and that’s our family bathroom.

When I moved in, I painted this room a pale grey like the ensuite and downstairs WC and had white and grey accessories.  However after Christmas when I was shopping in B&M, I felt so inspired by a tropical leaf shower curtain that I decided to get Al to get the white paint out and transform this room.

Tropical Print

The grey accessories were able to easily be reused in our ensuite while I kept the white towels for this room and added a forest green.  It was all very inexpensive to do as I bought all of the little accessories from really affordable shops and pulled the green, black and gold elements in where I could.

Then when I was looking on Posterlounge, I found the perfect piece of artwork to finish off the room.  The New Tropic Life acrylic print in the 40 x 40cm size with the black ARTBOX picture frame was absolutely perfect.  Tropical prints are my favourite as I love the design and green is one of my favourite colours but I must say I struggled to pick a print from the Posterlounge website as there was a number of tropical ones that were absolutely gorgeous and any one of them would have looked fantastic in our bathroom.

Tropical Print

I really couldn’t be happier with how this room turned out, especially with the framed acrylic print from Posterlounge as it really does look gorgeous with its glossy finish and vibrant colours.  If you’re redecorating, particularly in a rental property and looking to add something to your room to really pull the colours and tones all together then I would definitely suggest looking at adding a piece of artwork like this as it is much easier than painting or wallpapering and you can always move it with you in the future when you relocate or simply want to change things around.

I’m so impressed with the artwork that we’ve received from Posterlounge.  The canvases and acrylic prints are all high quality, especially the acrylic artwork in the box frames and I know they’re going to last and last.  Choosing and ordering the art is straightforward and the delivery doesn’t take too long at all considering everything is made to your specifications.

If you’d like to add some finishing touches to your home too then I’d really recommend checking out Posterlounge.  You can search by wall art, inspiration and artists or simply use the search facility to type in something that you’d like your art to show be it a colour, a place or an object, etc.

Which piece is your favourite?

*This post is sponsored by Posterlounge.  All opinions are my own.

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