Adding Value: 4 Remodelling Projects That Add Value to Your Home

Owning a home is a dream many people work hard to achieve. Once they have their home, they spend years renovating it to reflect their style as well as to raise the property’s value. When it comes to a home renovation, there are certain areas to improve on that will add much value to a home when it is on the market again. Below is a closer look at four areas all homeowners should consider renovating and improving.


A Kitchen Renovation is the most popular and largest area that will add much value to your home. For many families, the kitchen is a gathering space where the family can get together to discuss the events of their day. Because of this, having a beautiful kitchen is necessary. To add value to it, consider updating the cabinets and their hardware. In addition, refresh the kitchen by painting light and inviting colors on the walls, and consider adding a backsplash. If the budget allows it, think about replacing the counter tops with granite, marble, or quartz.


The second area you should consider renovating is the master bathroom or the guest bathroom. For many couples, their master bathroom is a room for them to get away from it all and should be a warm and inviting area. Consider adding a stand-alone tub to create a calming and soothing atmosphere. Choose a paint color that is warm, but is not too distracting. If the vanity is updated, do not change it, but add some decorations to make it look a little modern. Adding candles is a great touch to transform the bathroom into a spa-like area.


Hardwood floors are preferred over carpet for various reasons. When it comes to the value of a home, hardwood floors increase it drastically. Carpet floors trap dirt in their fibres making it much harder to clean up, and spills are easier to get off hardwood floors than carpet. Hardwood floors look much nicer and elevate the whole look of the home.


The basement is another great space to update to increase a home’s value. Remodelling a basement creates more liveable square footage that many families need. One can easily add an extra bathroom, bedroom, or both in the basement, giving the family more room to spread out. The basement can also serve as a spot to hang out or to entertain family and friends. This is a much more affordable option to create space than to buy a bigger house to accommodate the growing family.


When it comes to renovating the four areas mentioned above, it is essential to consider your budget. For many of the renovations, the homeowner can easily do a lot of the jobs, saving them money in the process. Always set a realistic budget for improvements so you don’t become overwhelmed when it comes time to choose certain materials.

Renovating your home is an exciting time because you will get to enjoy all the improvements you make in the home. Not only that, but once you put it on the market, it will sell for a much higher price than what you initially bought it for. This will make an excellent profit for you to reinvest in another home or anything else you may choose to do

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