Amazing Fun Games to Play with Kids While Travelling

Traveling can be both exciting and stressful for children. They experience new sights, sounds, smells, and food. Playing fun games with kids in traveling is a great option.

As a dad, I always find fun and relief in playing games like Solitaire with my two sons. My elder son’s name is Andrew, and he is 5. Michale is younger, and his age is 3. My wife loves that as a father, I can manage to play a fun game with my sons when traveling. In this article, I’ve shared our family game list.

Break The Puzzle And Play Word search

Solving puzzles is always a fun thing for children and also for parents. As a dad, it’s comforting to see that the kids are happy during the road trip. You can handle the wheel without worrying about “how to calm down your kids in traveling.”Word search lets you solve funny word mysteries. 

This game is specially designed for road trips. You can participate with them when driving. Also, kids’ moms are going to be happy. The great thing about search words is they require nothing more than a piece of paper (or book) and a pencil. You can open a word search printable on your tab, get it printed out, and let your kids play.

You Will Love it-Uno

Uno is our favourite game of all. We have great travel memories with it.

I’m sure it’s one that every family has in their game drawers. The simple and easy-to-use game can be enjoyable for everyone in the family.

The recommended age to play this game is seven. The goal in the game is to match the colours and numbers and to remove all of the cards you have before your opponent. I love playing this game with my kids, and their mom is also relieved to see kids enjoying their travel time.

Rat A Tat

It’s a fun game while traveling with kids. It was awarded a Mensa Award years ago, which means that it’s educational. However, it’s also a lot enjoyable, and our children enjoy it a lot. The goal for the game is to obtain the lowest amount from your four cards by trading cards.

The problem is that you only view two cards, so you need to play and remember the worth of the face-down cards. It’s like playing poker for kids, and when you believe you’ve got the weakest hand, you knock, and your opponents get one more turn. This game is a charm when you are driving and kids feel bored.

Skibpo-My Kids Favorites 

Skipbo is one of our favourites when traveling with kids. We played this game frequently during our travels. It’s like Solitaire in a group where players work together to clear all their cards by placing them into the piles of group members. To stop other players, gamers need to plan their strategies and use cards wisely.

One downside is that you can play with four players, so we usually play with a parent-child team with our children.

Keep Out the Worries With Wig Out

Our two sons have a lot of fun playing this game. Traveling is fun whenever we play wig out. “Wig Out! The Wild hairy card game” is among the most popular Gamewright games. The cards are distinct and fascinating characters and aim to move quickly and build matches between characters. The game is one of the games that require fewer skills. However, it is enjoyable to play. 

You can play with your entire family. However, we usually play the game with two people. We like it since it is easy to play and only takes about five minutes to play a game. Most adults prefer to play at a slower pace to give the children a chance. It’s an excellent introduction to a game to play with a travel card for families.


This game does not require any cards. It’s funny to mention that every time we play this game while traveling, kids want to eat bananas, funny right? However, it does not require eating bananas.  

Bananagrams offers a portable Scrabble similar to Scrabble. You can use letters to build crossword grids that contain words, and as the name suggests, “go bananas for anagrams.” Two players play this game. However, you can play it as an entire family. 

The game is very adaptable for travel. Bananagrams is a great choice for older kids. Like the other games, children will enjoy themselves and learn along the way as it’s also educational.

Qwirkle Travel

We have the complete size Qwirkle game, and it’s among those kinds of games adults love just as much as children. Unfortunately, I was unaware that they had a travel variant of this game until I was told about it by someone else. 

This game is based on tiles like Scrabble but using colors and shapes, and you’re trying to get the most points by using tiles with the same characteristics. As a result, there’s plenty of room to think strategically, and even younger players can grasp the fundamentals. As a result, the game has won numerous awards and is one we often return to repeatedly.


As a family, you can compile your own game list together. Playing these games from the above list makes a great bonding with your kids. Traveling games create great memories. You can focus on picking educational games to play with your kids while traveling, allowing them to learn while they are traveling.

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