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I recently had an HD Brows treatment at a salon near me, which I’ll talk about in a separate post and video and I really like the results.I’ve now become obsessed with my eyebrows!When my eyebrows are a great shape, colour and filled in, they really make a huge difference to my face and they really influence the way the rest of my make up looks.Your eyebrows frame your face so it’s important that you pay attention to them- a little grooming goes a long way.Once you have a great shape, it’s all about maintaining that shape and filling them when you do your make up every day.

Whilst I really enjoyed the HD Brows treatment, I found that they were a little dark for me at times, like when I first had them done before they settled and if I wasn’t wearing any makeup.What I really loved about them was the shape and how polished they made me look.With this in mind, I think I am going to keep having my eyebrows waxed but use an eyebrow kit to fill in my eyebrows and chose my desired strength of colour for them.

I have been looking for a quick and effective eyebrow kit to use every day for a while now and I may have just found the perfect one. There are many different eyebrow palettes on the market and this one by Anastasia Beverly Hills is the best I’ve seen. The Anastasia Beauty Express kit has a wax cream to set your eyebrows, a light and dark duo powder for filling them in, either to mix your own colour or blend the two and a duo highlight- one shimmery, one matte for highlighting the brow bone. This kit looks perfect. What makes it so great is that you get the tools with it to make your eyebrows look fabulous so not only are you getting a great product but you’re getting great tools too. You get an angled brush to apply the product and five eye brow stencils, along with the palette all for $39.50 from Sephora and online.

This video from Anastasia shows the eyebrow kit in a little more detail and it also shows you how to shape your eyebrows, that is to say, where you eyebrows should start and end and where the arch should be- something which I have often struggled with myself.

“Beauty Express” brow-kitinstructional video from Anastasia Beverly Hills onVimeo.

Looks great doesn’t it? I’ve been checking out the rest of the makeup range by Anastasia and it looks fantastic; lots of light, soft and subtle colours, the collection looks beautiful. Anastasia Soare has a salon in Beverly Hills where she has shaped the eyebrows of many celebrities from Madonna to Jennifer Lopez and Oprah to Selena Gomez. She has recently branched out into a cosmetics and skincare line which looks really promising. The makeup collection has the importance of great skin care at the core of their clinically tested formula.

I cannot wait for my Beauty Express palette to arrive, I’ll keep you posted on the results.

Have you tried any make up from Anastasia? What are your favourite make up products to buy from Sephora?


  1. maxinecassidy
    August 25, 2011 / 10:53 pm

    oooh i cant wait to see your hd brows review! I'm the same, now I've had them done, I'm obsessed with keeping them pretty! xxx

  2. Katie
    August 29, 2011 / 8:37 pm

    Great Blog, I can't wait for the HD Brows review. As I am looking into getting mine done. x

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