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Whether you’re someone who likes to go for a mismatched furniture look with lots of collective pieces, or if you’re someone who prefers to have one statement piece, I think that antiques are definitely something that you should consider when furnishing your home.

For years I have gone back and forth with my tastes in furniture.  As a teen, I had a solid pine bedroom set then as a student I favoured the Ikea Hemnes range but now that I’m starting to plan the redesign of the house I’m living in, I’m really expanding my search when looking for furniture.  That search has led me to antiques and in todays post, I wanted to share with you why I’m currently coveting antique furniture.

The answer is simple really in that it lies in the practicality, durability and style.

Through my searching, I’ve really come to appreciate that the style of antique furniture is often timeless.  Yes, there are some ornate pieces that wont be to everyones taste but the vast majority of pieces that I have seen have been in shapes and styles that are often reproduced by furniture companies today.

However a huge difference between the furniture now and the pieces that were created in the 1800s and 1900s is that the vast majority of furniture is not made like it used to be.  Take a chest of drawers for example.  So many pieces now are made from cheaper, coated wood with an MDF base whereas if you were to look at an antique chest of drawers it would, generally speaking, be solid which is how it has been able to stand the test of time. to stand out in your home.

Vicorian Dresser” by Joanna Bourne is licensed under CC BY 2.0

While I love the look of the furniture that I have in my bedroom at the moment, the base of the drawers have dipped off the weight of everything in them and the furniture as a whole isn’t looking as great as when I first bought it.  Whereas if you look at some of the pieces of antique furniture on the market, they’re still looking beautiful in comparison.  I suppose it does depend on how careful you are with your things but theres a lot that can be said for solid wood and great craftsmanship.

Practically speaking, having a solid, well made piece of furniture not only looks appealing but it is functional too.  Antiques look gorgeous in the home but they still serve a purpose too in that they’re usable.  While of course theres the need to be careful with an antique in order to preserve it, something thats well built can also be functional and used like any piece of modern furniture.  This is definitely good for me as I’m not really someone who baby’s my things!

I love the high class appearance of antiques; they tell a story and are timeless and I think thats what really appeals to me.  I love the look of a statement piece of furniture, that really holds its own and can be a talking point in a room and I definitely think that you get that with a lot of antiques that I’ve seen.  The grain in the wood, the gloss finish and the craftsmanship really make them stand out.

Since most antiques weren’t mass produced on the scale that a lot of furniture is now, they’re rare to find these days which makes them highly covetable, at least for me.

I’d love to know what you think about buying antique furniture in the comments!

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