Area H20 Hair Care Review

The second post in my hair series is a review of the shampoo and conditioner I’ve been rocking over the last couple of months from Area H20.

The Science Behind Area H20

Area H20 are a hair care brand that specialise in making shampoo and conditioner that are each scientifically formulated to work in different water areas.  Water varies depending on where you are in the world and there are three main water areas- soft, medium and hard.  The difference between these water areas is their mineral properties and as a result, the water in these areas affects your hair in different ways.  Have you ever moved to an area and found that you get so much more lime scale in your kettle than before?  Or that your favourite hair mask takes so much longer to wash out at your friends house than your own?  That has a lot to do with the water hardness in the area and if you go even a few miles away the water hardness could be different to the area you started in.  All types of water have metal ions in them and these react with our shampoo to form mineral deposits that then cling onto our hair.  The science behind the Area H20 shampoos and conditioners is that they are made to combat the effects that the mineral deposits have in different types of water.  The Area H20 shampoos are designed to act like a magnet to attract mineral ions which allows them to be washed away much more easily leaving cleaner, smoother shinier and less flyaway locks.

Area H20 make shampoos and conditioners for hard, medium and soft water and within these different ranges they have for normal/fine hair and for coloured hair so they have covered lots of bases here.  I think this is such a good idea and anticipate them to be a godsend, particularly for those moving from hard to soft areas and vice versa.

I have the Area H20 Medium Water Shampoo and Conditioner for coloured hair and I’ve been giving it a thorough road test over the last two months.

My Thoughts

Using the Area H20 Shampoo and Conditioner is very much the same as using any other duo except that they do need to be used sparingly as they are very concentrated.  Simply massage a small amount of the shampoo into wet hair and rinse, repeat if necessary like if you have a lot of product build up in your hair.  Then apply the conditioner.

I’ve found that the conditioner is suitable to use right up to the root of my hair without making my hair greasy.  I’d suggest squeezing out the excess water from your hair before applying the conditioner as the wetter your hair is the more diluted the product will become when applied to your hair.

The shampoo does not lather up very much in the water that I washed my hair in.  I found that it cleans my hair really well and gets rid of any product build up in my hair, especially when I’ve been using plumping powders.  I can’t say that it has done anything to prolong the life of my highlights and low lights as it has been so sunny that my hair is lightened naturally from the sun but it definitely stops it from looking dull.

The conditioner makes my hair feel really soft without feeling weighted down and it does control static and fly away hairs.

The shampoo and conditioner duo seemed to work really well for my oily hair as they seemed to slightly dry out my hair, which is what I need but I would suggest that those with drier hair types will need to use a weekly hair mask to stop their hair from being too dry.

This shampoo and conditioner duo is available here direct from The Hut website for £17.50 for the 250ml bottles.  If you don’t live in a medium water area or you want to have a look at the other Area H20 products then you can do so here.

How does the water in your area react with your locks?  What is your favourite shampoo and conditioner duo?

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