Arts and crafts projects to keep you occupied this winter

Keeping yourself entertained is easier said than done duringwinter’s darker nights and shorter days. Many of us get to spend less time outside, meaning finding projects and hobbies to do inside becomes even more important. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not give arts and crafts a go? Below we run through some of the most popular options to do, especiallywhen it’s cold and wet outside.

Start a scrapbook

Winter is the perfect time to reminisce about wonderful memories and experiences you’ve had over the past year or so. A scrapbook helps you collate all these into one place, with photos, tickets and other features providing meaningfulreminders as you turn each page.

To start scrapbooking, you’ll need some paper craft essentialsand an album to hold all your precious entries. You can go as creative and indulgent or as plain and simple as you like – it’s completely up to you!

Create a terrarium

While you might not be able to get outside so much during winter, you can always bring more life inside. Terrariums are increasingly popular these days, allowing people to build micro-ecosystems in a jar or any glass container.

You can pick your choice of plants and watch as your own little world develops in front of your eyes. Give it time and you’ll have a miniature garden or forest growing wherever you want it to. Just be sure to keep up with the maintenance!

Take up knitting or crocheting

Bring your fashion and soft furnishing visions to life by honing your knitting or crocheting skills. Have you ever wanted to make yourself a cosy blanket or a new scarf? Well now is the time to start one. You can keep them for yourself, gift them to friends and family or even sell them online if you’re talented enough.

Get creative with candle-making

There are few things as relaxing as candle making, and they bring even more calm once lit in your home. You can start making your own this winter with a dedicated candle-making kit or by learning how to do it from scratch.

Creating your signature scents is amazingly fun and, who knows, you may even have a knack for it. It’s a pastime that’s pleasurable and soothing, especially in our cold, dark winters.

Staying inside during winter doesn’t have to be boring – liven up your life with some arts and crafts. Whether you fancy some candle making, scrapbooking or creating your very own terrarium, there’s so much fun to be had at home!

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