Attention All Curvy Lovers 3 Body Shaper Pieces That Will Stand out

There are several types of shaping belt, each one helps the body in a different specific way.

For each objective, there is a belt with its own fabric and structure that provides greater efficiency.

Therefore, before investing in a shaping belt, it is necessary to define the purpose of researching what each belt offers.

In this article, we brought you 3 types of shaping straps that will definitely stand out, as they bring a more assertive result. In addition, we have prepared some tips for you.

Sculptshe High Waisted Seamless Body Shaper


The shaping shorts reduce 3 measurements of the mannequin when worn under clothes, the famous waist trainer wrap. The modelling of the shorts offers a 360ยบ compression, leaving the belly, back, culottes, butt and thighs in the right place.

What’s more, the shorts leave the butt perched and with a uniform shape, it doesn’t mark the cellulite on the clothes.

The piece has 6 pressure points strategically positioned to support the abdominal and lumbar region.

This brace helps correct posture and ensures relief from back pain. It is ideal for use at home or at work.

Sculptshe Seamless Long Sleeve Thong Bodysuit


There are body models that have shorts or built-in panties, postpartum bodysuit, semi bodysuit etc.

A body with support in the breasts and opening in the intimate region is ideal for those looking for more practicality when going to the bathroom.

The body models the entire silhouette leaving the fat compacted.

The body thins the waist and at the same time gives support to the breasts, if the model comes with a built-in cup.

It is ideal to wear under tight dresses and blouses, as it does not mark under clothing.

The model above is ideal for everyday use, avoids sagging in the belly region, in addition to making the body firmer.

It provides more comfort and safety in performing daily activities, especially after cesarean section.

Not to mention that it helps maintain good posture and reduce body swelling.

Sculptshe High Waisted Shaper Panty Brief



The shaping panties have the power to tune measurements of the abdominal region and make the butt more pert. The shaping panties combine hygiene and comfort, preventing infections, discomforts and marks on the skin.

It has an anti bacterial layer in the groin area that ensures protection and maintains the health of the region.

Cotton fabric allows the skin to breathe and does not hurt the skin. In addition, it does not curl on the body as it has a super grip.




In the anxiety of reducing measurements, many women wonder: How to choose a right size full body shaper and end up falling for the story that a smaller size can offer faster results. But that’s not true.

First of all, depending on the closure of the garment and the compression offered by it, if you buy a size smaller than yours, it is quite possible that the garment will not even enter your body and if it does, it is quite possible that it will not close. Can you imagine what a disappointment?

Other than that, the sensation in the body can be downright uncomfortable. So you already know, always buy the right size for your body. That way, you can use it for the recommended time and don’t run the risk of suffocation.

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