Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water Review

Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water Review Image

When I was asked to review the Avene Eau Thermale Thermal Spring Water I was intrigued as to what the benefits of it would be.  I must admit, I didn’t have high hopes for something that I perceived to be just water in a spray can but since I adore many other products from sensitive skin brand Avene, I thought I’d give this a go and after using it, I’ve realised it is far from what I had first perceived it to be.

After reading more about this product, I discovered that it is a favourite of makeup artists, after it was photographed backstage at Burberry last year and it is a firm favourite of celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Gwyneth Paltrow. The water has a low mineral content and an almost neutral pH balance which means that it will not sting, burn or dry out your skin and the Avene Thermal Spring Water is said to have softening and protective properties which aim to calm your skin.  It’s great for toning and refreshing skin as well as setting make up too.

After using this for the first time, my reservations about this product instantly went away.  It works, it really works and that’s the best thing about it.  So often have I tried skincare products that claim to work wonders and for once, I’ve found a product that simply does what it claims to do; calms, soothes and softens sensitive skin.

To use the Thermal Spring Water, you simply remove the lid and spray.  A cool, fine mist of water comes out which is so refreshing.  It can be used all over the body and is perfect for all skin types.  Today, I will be sharing my experiences with you and the ways in which I’ve used it.

After hair removal

I spray Eau Thermale on the skin of my legs and under arms both after shaving or after using Veet hair removal cream for instant cooling and soothing of my skin.  My skin seems to be very sensitive to some hair removal cream and whilst it works wonders, I hate using it as I feel as though it burns and since getting a rash from using it, I have now thrown it out.  The Avene Eau Thermale however really eased the burning sensation when my skin reacted to it by cooling the area right down and calming my skin.

On Psoriasis

Eau Thermale is fantastic for sensitive skin and for those who suffer from skin disorders.  I have psoriasis which can be very painful and irritating, particularly when it flares up and cracks.  A quick spray of Eau Thermale calm down the irritation and soothes my skin for a short time.  Having psoriasis is the bane of my life, it’s horrible having something that is constantly irritating and sore so having something to relief that for a little while is very welcome.

After Make Up Removal

Eau Thermale is now a part of my everyday make up routine.  I give my face and neck a quick spritz in the morning and evening after I’ve removed all of my make up with cleansing and toning.  It really helps to soothe my skin, particularly if I’ve had to rub to get stubborn makeup off– MAC Pigments and Estee Lauder Double Wear I’m talking about you.

During and After Sun Tanning

This is a perfect poolside treat to cool down the body while you’re sun bathing and its also great to use after tanning to soothe sun exposed skin and to rehydrate it.

This is just how I use Eau Thermale; there are actually many more uses for this product, check out the Avene website for more information.

The spray bottles are available in two sizes 150ml (£6.50) and 50ml (£3.15) from Boots and lots of other leading pharmacies in the UK and beyond.  On a recent trip to Bruges, I was pleased to see pharmacies stocked full to the brim of Avene products… so you can expect more Avene product reviews from me!


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