Avène Products for a Variety of Skin Types

Over the past few months I’ve been trying out some more products from sensitive skincare favourite Avene.  These products are all for a mixture of skin types- oily, combination, dry and above all, sensitive.  For reference, my skin at the moment is combination to oily.  I have some dry patches but my skin is mostly oily, especially around my t zone and it is pretty resilient. 

Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser for normal to combination sensitive skin


Avene Gentle Toner for dry and very dry sensitive skin

Gentle Gel Cleanser £11.50 for 200ml, Gentle Toner £11.50 for 200ml

Considering one of these products is designed for combination to oily skin and the other for dry to very dry skin, they make a pretty good duo to use together.

The cleanser is a gel formula which does a great job at removing make up and deeply cleaning the face.  I was surprised at how much make up this removes, even strong mascara, eye liner and lash glue.  I have been using this mostly with my evening bath or over the sink before bed by splashing my face with warm water, massaging the cleanser in and then rinsing with warm water.  Sometimes I repeat this and then I always finish up by splashing my face with cold water to close my pores.  It works really well with my Rio Sonicleanse and my muslin cloth from No7 too.  Gel cleansers like this one from Avene are perfect for oilier skins as they don’t dry out the skins surface and leave it tight and squeaky.  After using this my face feels very clean but soft and supple too.  The cleanser itself doesn’t have a fragrance which I like and it doesn’t foam up either which I’ve also found I enjoy.  The cleanser retails at £11.50 for a 200ml pump action bottle.  The packaging is brilliant as you can really control the amount of product you dispense.  I’ve found that this cleanser is great value for money as it lasts for AGES, its taken me 3 months to use this up using it around 5 evenings per week.

The Gentle Toner from Avene is fantastic.  It’s incredibly gentle, especially because it is alcohol free, and removes any last traces of make up and oil from the face.  It leaves my skin feeling soft, very clean and refreshed.  The Gentle Toner is also £11.50 for 200ml which is great value for money.  I finished the gel cleanser last month after 3 months of use and the toner is still going strong!

Eau Thermale Avène Antirougeurs Jour

Redness-Relief Moisturizing Protecting Emulsion SPF 20

£14.50 for 40ml

This daily face emulsion is designed to reduce redness in the skin and to soothe irritation.  It is perfect for those who suffer from rosacea and other skin disorders causing redness.  My dad has patches of psoriasis on his face and he tested this out and you could really tell the reduction in the angry red patches on his face.  I myself have been applying this on a morning and found it to be really hydrating, soothing and moisturising without making my skin shiny or greasy.  It is has a light texture and leaves a matte finish on my skin which means that it provides the perfect base for makeup.  It is lightly fragranced and has a slight green tint to it which helps to diffuse the redness on the skin.

Whilst I have been trying out the emulsion formula, it is also available in a cream which has a much richer texture and therefore designed for those with dry skin.

All of these Avene products are available online and in Boots stores.  You can visit www.avene.co.uk for stockist information.

What are your favourite Avene products?

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  1. Charlie
    July 13, 2012 / 9:08 am

    I've been using the gel cleanser too and love it! not tried the toner though so will have to give it a go! x

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