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Whenever I buy a new bit of technology I always rush out and buy a cover for it; I did this for my iPhone, DS and Kindle so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that I would do it for my iPad too. Without finding out about Bags of Love, I would have ended up buying a boring generic case that lots of other people would probably have.  Now I have this personalised one with two of my most favourite photos printed on it and I thought I would share my new photo ipad cover with you.

Bags of Love make personalised gifts from bags to Kindle covers and cushions to blankets and wallpaper, all personalised with your favourite images and words.  They’re made and delivered in record time too, mine only took two days to arrive so they’re perfect if you’re looking for that last minute special gift.  Also, if you choose a fairly slim item like the photo ipad cover I got, they package it really well so that it will just slip through your letter box which is perfect for me as I always miss deliveries.  I love the idea of having a one off, custom made item that captures moments in time.  Bags of Love have some truly great ideas for gifts for yourself and others.  I have so many friends who have EVERYTHING… and what do you buy the girl who has EVERYTHING?  Something personalised!

The iPad slip case from Bags of Love feels very high quality, well protected and secure.  I’m confident to keep my iPad inside it without fear of it smashing if I ever dropped it or knocked it against something in my bag.  These custom cases are made to order, hand printed and sewn in England so you know you’re getting a high quality product where attention to detail has been made.  It is made of wet suit style padding that not only protects the iPad but creates a great smooth surface for the photographs to be reproduced on.  I was worried that my photos may come out looking grainy but they haven’t at all.  I chose a photo of Mr WLL, our puppy and I before we went on holiday a couple of years ago and also a photo of me and Mr WLL while on holiday.  The cases are completely custom made so you can choose just two photos like I did or you can choose to add lots of pictures to make it into  collage and add text.  I chose to have one photo printed landscape and on portrait but again, the choice really is up to you, it is completely personalised and individual to you.  The Bags of Love website really has some handy tools to help you to create a completely personal custom designed and made item.

The slip case also has a sturdy zip surrounding the top portion of the case which gives me more than enough room to slide my iPad in and out.  I keep my pen for my iPad inside too as there’s plenty of space.  Although I have the new iPad, the case is also suitable for the iPad 1 and 2 so there’s no worrying about whether or not it will fit your prized electronic in and for those of you who have other tablets, Kindles, laptops and alike, Bags of Love make cases for them too.  So far the slip case has kept my iPad free from any scratches, dents and damage and I’ve had it in my bag (which admittedly resembles Mary Poppins) since I got it.  I have added a screen protector to my iPad for added protection but that’s mainly for when I’m actually using the iPad outside of the case.  Overall, I’m really impressed with the iPad photo case and would definitely purchase other items from Bags of Love, I think the site is such a good idea and I’m SO happy with the way the photos on my case turned out.

The personalised iPad slip case is available from £34.99 with £3.95 delivery from

What is your favourite personalised item from Bags of Love?  Tell me about the photos you would have printed on an item.

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  1. Callie Thorpe
    August 9, 2012 / 3:20 pm

    Aww this is soo lovely. I am photo mad and would love to get something like this made. I am planning on getting an Ipad when I return from holiday so I might actually do this. You're right it's way more unique! x

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