Batiste Dry Shampoo in Naughty and Nice Review

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

They say that little girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice… but if they’re using Batiste, they have the option of being Naughty too!  Batiste dry shampoo has revolutionised my hair care routine over the years and while its been a little while since I reviewed a launch from them, you can guarantee I’ve been using their dry shampoo more or less every single day and I’m still using the products from their Speed It Up Blowdry range that launched back in the summer!

Growing up, I had fine, limp, lifeless hair that was so oily I would liken it to a chip pan.  I’d have to wash and dry it every single day by the time I got to comprehensive school age and cared about my appearence.  Even when I was in college, if I had something that I wanted to do on the night that I’d want my hair to look great for, I’d have to wash it on the morning and then again before I’d go out.  My roots just produced so much oil, as did my skin and my hair looked really greasy as a result.  At least that’s how it felt to a self conscious, often bullied little girl; if I’d known back then how amazing Batiste dry shampoo is, I could have banished the oily roots and kept the lengths and ends looking glossy with a healthy sheen to them.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review on WhatLauraLoves

When I discovered Batiste through whispered recommendations, it literally changed my life at the time and did wonders for my confidence, not to mention the time that it would shave off my daily getting ready routine.  I have used dry shampoo from Batiste for years and years and it doesn’t matter which brand I try out, no matter how high end, it never, ever beats it.

Batiste quite often will bring out new scents and a couple that came out, I think, last year were Naughty and Nice, in line with Valentine’s Day.  I was kindly gifted one can and bought the other when I was shopping in Boots but since I had so many cans of my favourite dry shampoo already on the go, I popped them straight into my permanent haircare draw to wait patiently to be used.

Let me just pause to explain this storage system as unless you’re in a similar line of work to me, this will probably sound ridiculous.  Basically, I have a draw of products that are waiting to be used that I fill with things that I know I will definitely use as I’ve either used them before and loved them or they’re back ups of things I’m already currently using, if, for example, I’ve seen them on offer or a brand has gifted me one because they know how much I love it.  They’re the things I don’t need to trial for a blog review because having used them before, I can happily feature them immediately, after I’ve used up what I already have opened so as not to be wasteful.  Examples of these kinds of products are Batiste dry shampoo, Clarins One Step Cleanser, Foot Beauty Treatment Cream and Gentle Exfoliator, Bio Oil and No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser. Products to trial for a review and new launches go into separate organisation so that I can test them out sooner.

Anyway, back to normality… because I pulled Nice out of my draw in the Autumn and I’ve now got Naughty on the go and they are hands down, some of my favourite scents they’ve ever done as well as some of my favourite packaging designs.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review WhatLauraLoves

Batiste Naughty is an enchanting, mystic and seductive scent whereas Nice is described as sweet, sensual and feminine. To my nose, they’re both beautiful and more of a perfume fragrance than a sweet, sickly or artificial haircare scent that you’ll sometimes find with hair products.  I love hair perfume so these having a gorgeous scent that I would actually wear as well as serving the purpose of banishing oily roots is a winner for me.  They’re both girly but grown up and are fragrances that I think the majority of women would enjoy.

Using them in easy.  Simply part your hair in sections, lift and spray at the root from a distance, then rub in.  The powder from the Batiste spray soaks up the oil and after a quick brush through, you’re left with hair that looks less oily and therefore cleaner.  Use them lightly and build up the effect in the areas where you might need a little more product and you’ll find you can use them for a good 2-3 days between hair washes.  Batiste has literally saved me from having to wash my hair all of them time and its amazing for me especially now that I have extensions in as if you over wash extensions, not only can you spoil the hair but they can slip down quicker.

I love how voluminous and full of life my hair looks after using Batiste and since it is so affordable, I regularly stock up on cans when I see it on offer so that I am never without it.  I even use Batiste as a preventative measure on days when I’ve just washed my hair to soak up any oil as it produces throughout the day but it is also great at giving freshly washed hair a bit of texture and grit so that it can hold a style such as curls or a pin up better.

Give the new scents a try for yourself (there’s even double advantage card points at Boots when you buy selected Batiste products, at the time of writing), Naughty is available here and Nice is available here.

While getting the links for you, I’ve just spotted a newbie, Luxe that I haven’t tried.  Definitely ordering that one before I run out as that sounds like a bit of me that does!

When was the last time you used dry shampoo?  How oily is your hair?  What is your favourite Batiste scent? Let me know in the comments!

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