Batiste Gold Shimmer Review

Amy from Flaws and All blog recently won a competition that Batiste had on their Twitter and she was sent a two cans of their Shimmer dry shampoos for her and a friend to try.  Amy very kindly sent me the Gold one to try out.  I’m a big fan of Batiste dry shampoos as my hair gets greasy REALLY quickly.  My hair produces quite a lot of natural oil, plus the hair itself is really thin, (although I have lots of it) which is never a good combination!  Ive tried the majority of the scented Batiste dry shampoos as well as the original one but I had never tried any of the Shimmer ones before so I was looking forward to giving this a go.  In the past I had seen the Batiste Shimmer’s on the shelf and bypassed them in favour of Blush because I didn’t know how a dry shampoo could refresh greasy hair and be shimmery at the same time!

First up, the packaging is gorgeous.  Although this doesn’t effect the performance of the dry shampoo, I really appreciate attractive packaging.

This photo was taken with one day old hair.  As you can see, my hair is pretty greasy.  I used to wash my hair everyday but since discovering Batiste dry shampoo, I can wash it every second or third day.  It really does the trick at refreshing my hair, as though its been newly washed.  It also adds volume to my hair too which helps me to achieve the voluminous bed head look that I love.

As with all Batiste dry shampoos, they recommend lightly spraying the can from about 30cm from your hair so that your roots and greasy sections of hair are evenly covered with the dry shampoo.  Then, with this can, you’re recommended to massage it into your scalp, leave for a few moments and then massage the product throughout the hair to evenly distribute the shimmer and to fully revive the hair.  I followed the instructions, as always, as detailed on the can as i thought this would allow me to achieve the best results.

Eek!  The dry shampoo literally shot out of the can so fast, much faster than the other dry shampoos I have tried, I felt like I was launching a rocket rather than refreshing my hair.  My hair was quickly coated which is great for saving time, but it came out much thicker than the dry shampoos I’ve used before which I wasn’t too keen on.  I thought perhaps I had sprayed it incorrectly but I have tried it a few times now and the same thing happens whenever I use it.

I had to rub the dry shampoo into my scalp in a much more vigorous fashion that usual.  The formulation of the dry shampoo actually seemed quite clumpy which meant that it didn’t rub in very well and I was still left with a very white scalp which was very noticeable as a blonde so God knows what it would look like on a brunette.  It did do a very good job of refreshing my hair though and it eliminated my greasy roots in a flash.

After a quick brush through, I styled my hair and was then ready for work.  My hair didn’t look greasy at all which was a plus but it was VERY glittery and the glitter did transfer all over my clothes and onto my hands whenever I touched my hair.  For that reason, I wouldn’t wear the Batiste Shimmer dry shampoo during the day again but I would use it on a night out to give my hair a bit of sparkle.  It could also be sprayed directly onto the body and then rubbed in (to rub away the white powder) to give the skin a golden glittery glow which would look gorgeous with a tan.

Batiste Gold Shimmer dry shampoo can be purchased from Superdrug and currently retails at £3.05 for the 150ml can.  It is also available in a Sliver Shimmer.

Have you tried the shimmer range from Batiste? What are your thoughts on dry shampoo and the shimmer offerings?


  1. Christina Marie
    February 6, 2011 / 6:53 pm

    I've only ever tried the originals but I agree with you, I bet it'd be much harder to hide all that shimmer on darker hair. Not sure if i'll be trying this. Great review! x

  2. Charli!
    February 6, 2011 / 8:34 pm

    I would love to try this but I have dark red hair so im not sure how it would go down seeing as its bad enough with the original ones to make my hair look normal xx

  3. G A B Y
    February 7, 2011 / 1:33 am

    Your pictures made me laugh LOL! Great review!

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