Batiste NEW Releases Floral and Oriental

Batiste Floral* and Batiste Oriental*

Spring has sprung early for Batiste as they have released their two new dry shampoo fragrances Floral and Oriental.  Today I’ll introduce you to the newbies and let you know my thoughts on them.

I’ll start with the first bloom, Floral.

Batiste Floral is a shabby chic offering for vintage lovers.  Think pretty tea dresses and cute china ware with this one.  In a ditsy floral print can, inspired by English gardens and vintage style textiles, Floral is a gorgeous girly limited edition to join the Batiste team.

The scent very much matches the appearance of the can in that the fragrance has a light, delicate scent, featuring top notes of Blossom, heart notes of Melon, Orange and Peach and a deep, floral base of Rose, Muguet and Violet.  This is Batiste doing fruity floral at its best.

Floral is just as easy to use as the other Batiste dry shampoos- spray at the roots, rub vigorously and brush through.  It can be used on dirty hair to give it a refreshed, oil free appearance, or it can be used on clean hair to give it some added oomph and texture.  I use it both ways, all of the time and needless to say, Batiste is ALWAYS a feature in my beauty storage.

Floral retails for around £2.99 and is available exclusively in Superdrug.  I’ll definitely be picking up some more cans as I love this scent.

The second bloom is called Oriental.

Oriental is a more exotic fragrance than floral and it is much for strongly scented.  Inspired by the Far East, this can of dry shampoo really packs a punch with notes of apple, jasmine and berry mixed with the depth of musk.  This is a gorgeous fruity, floral, oriental combination that I really like.

Just the same as before, spray in, rub, brush through and you’re good to go.  However with this one you don’t just get the fresh hair benefits.  The scent of this one is very much like a floriental perfume and it lingers in my hair for quite a long time, leaving friends to comment on how gorgeous my hair smells, thanks girls.

Again, this can is £2.99 but it is exclusive to Boots (actually, there’s a £1 off deal on them at the moment so if you’re quick you could pick up a can for £1.99).

All that’s left to ask is, which one will you prefer?

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