Batiste Rethink Dry Shampoo & Volume Review

WhatLauraLoves Batiste Dry Shampoo Volume Review

Batiste are one of my favourite dry shampoo brands; nothing beats them when it comes to effective, efficient and affordable hair care.  I’ve been using their dry shampoo for years and years and its made a huge difference to my haircare routine.  I’m sure you’ll have seen my reviews of their dry shampoo before, check out the latest, featuring the two fragrances Naughty and Nice here.

Now though, Batiste have decided to rethink dry shampoo with their new range that includes added haircare benefits.  There are 4 to choose from; Batiste & Damage Control/ De-Frizz/ Hydrate/ Volume the latter of which is the one that I have and its a good job as my hair is limp and lifeless without a volumising product like this!  Of course they still have their kick ass original range but this new line has the added benefit of being invisible and lightweight too.

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect when the can arrived for me to try.  The thing is, I’ve tried other invisible dry shampoos in the past and they didn’t work for me.  I tried Superdrug’s own brand several years ago and it did absolutely nothing for my hair aside from leaving my roots really shiny.  I’m not sure if it is supposed to be invisible but there wasn’t the white powder that you generally get with dry shampoo that soaks up all the oil and enables it to do its job thats for sure.  Then I tried another really popular brand, CoLab which was about as much use as half a scissor.  The cans and scents are REALLY pretty and I love the branding but when I tried CoLab in my hair (and I tried A LOT as when it first came out I bought ALL of the different scents), it didn’t do anything to absorb the oil from my greasy roots and instead, it made my hair look sort of wet.  I’d imagine it is better for those with dry hair who just want a quick refresh but I for one couldn’t recommend it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Volume Review WhatLauraLoves Hair

So as you can imagine, when I was set about the task of trying out the new Batiste Dry Shampoo & Volume which claims to be invisible, I didn’t have high hopes for it working for me either.  I’ve had my can since mid September and I’ve just come to the end of it so I thought that now would be a good time to give you my thoughts on it.

Fast forward to trying it out and in short, I’m impressed; it works!

Batiste Dry Shampoo & Volume is ideally suited to those with fine, limp hair like me.  I have plenty of hair but its flat and lacks volume.  I’m wearing Remi Cachet hair extensions by HJ Extensions to give it some gorgeous oomph but I still need volume and life in it, especially on the top at the roots where my hair isn’t thickened by the extensions and where its most oily, limp and lifeless.

This dry shampoo isn’t as heavy duty as the original Batiste Dry Shampoo range so if you found those to be too heavy for you then I’d suggest giving this one a go as it is more lightweight.  If you give the can a good shake and spray from a distance then massage in, you don’t get the white powder look on your hair, it’s virtually undetectable.  It lightly refreshes the hair without you being able to really feel it in your hair afterwards, you can just see the added oomph!

Since my hair is really oily naturally, I do prefer the original formulation for when I’m wanting to extend the length of time between hair washes, especially if I’m running short on time and really need to get an extra day out of my hair when really I should be washing it.  However what I really like the Batiste Dry Shampoo & Volume for is more of a styling product and preventative measure.  Since my roots get oily quickly, after I’ve washed and blowdried my hair, I tend to spritz some dry shampoo through the roots as a preventative measure to soak up the excess oil as it produces which helps to keep my hair fresher and cleaner for longer.  This one works the best for this as its much lighter so I don’t feel like I have as much product on my hair.

It has a light, pleasant scent that’s pretty inoffensive so I’d imagine most people will like it, I do!  Most of all, I really like the light volume and texture it gives to my hair.  When your hair is freshly washed, its often too soft to settle into a volumised style well so this product is great for giving it that oomph without making it feel sticky or like cotton wool like some of those full on plumping powders do!  Then when it gets to day 2 and 3, I’ll go in with the more heavy duty original to really tackle the greasy roots!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Volume Review WhatLauraLoves

I’d be interested to give the others a try, especially since my hair is damaged, frizzy and the ends are in need of hydration… all three then!

The Batiste Rethink Dry Shampoo & Volume is available here.

What is your favourite Batiste product?  How do you use dry shampoo?  Does the & Volume variety sound like it would be something that’d benefit your hair?

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